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2016 MOMEA Nominees

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Michiana Outstanding Music Educator Awards Nominee List - 2016

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Nominee’s name School-City “I feel this candidate should be considered because...” Submitted by Year (s)
Bryan Ames Plymouth HS I feel this candidate should be considered because his dedication to his students is nearly unparalleled.  He often will devote his personal time and money to make sure his students have extracurricular music experiences. Craige Phipps 2016
Bryan Ames Plymouth HS He has built a great program that excels every year. Always very generous and willing to help colleagues anywhere. Nick Veto 2016
Bryan Ames Plymouth HS Good band. Jim Bertucci 2013
Bryan Ames Plymouth HS Bryan does it all 100% of the time no matter what part of his job he is undertaking. Took his marching band to state for the first time in Plymouth history and placed in top five. (2010) If other directors in the area need instruments, music etc. in a pinch he always comes through for them. He likes to see people succeed. Gabi Hill 2012
Bryan Ames Plymouth HS He is an outstanding educator. He is a clinician for the Conn-Selmer Corp. in the area of recruitment. Not only is he a great student oriented teacher, he is also a great mentor for young educators. - He is a great teacher and mentor. / Outstanding advocate for music and his students Craige Phipps 2015, 2014, 2013, 2010
Bryan Ames Plymouth HS He works extremely hard at his school and always has a class act of a band. Dan Fortlander 2014
Dawn Ashton Elkhart Hawthorne Elementary She has encouraged 172 students to participate in a regular elective percussion program after school. Dawn is bright, talented and energetic and is putting in many, many hours with students. Her vehicle is percussion. Her mission is building student character. Steve Peterson 2011
Cameron Banks Washington HS Injected new live into the WHS band program. Gary Kurtis 2014
Kathy Baughman Jimtown JHS Kathy has breathed new life into the jimtown band program. When she took over 2 years ago there was a shell of a program in place. She has started a marching band that regularly attends festivals, a jazz band that participates in ISSMA and concert bands that perform at ISSMA. I believe she told me at solo and ensemble that the entire program 6-12 will have 130 students. She is energetic and so positive with her students. I appreciate her work and striving to create a great environment for her students. I am impressed with her as a teacher. Steve Peterson 2015
Marti Beilfuss Michigan Center HS …she built a community of students that set high standards for themselves, a community of parents that supported the arts, and a legacy of excellence for the school system. Her commitment and energy live on! Lindsey Michael-Mays 2010
Cindy (Berryman) Nuner Clay Intermediate   Susan Walker 2011
Cindy (Berryman) Nuner Clay Intermediate   Grayling Hawkins 2010
Jim Bertucci Clinton Prairie HS he has developed an excellent “total” program in a small school setting. His students play very well (the judge’s were very impressed with his band at contest a couple of weeks ago). I have had the opportunity to work with his student’s several times over the course of many years and have watched this program grow into what I would consider an excellent example of what a band program should really be. Marilyn Renner 2006
Jim Bertucci Clinton Prairie HS I feel this candidate should be considered because of his years of service and dedication to music education Jeremy Sterk 2013
Dave Blackwell (retired) Wawasee MS (Retired) I would like to recommend Dave Blackwell as a candidate for the first annual ‘Michiana Outstanding Music Educator’ award. It has been my pleasure to know Dave as a mentor and a friend. Mr. Blackwell has spent his life passionately teaching, performing, composing and arranging music. After graduating from Indiana University, most of his thirty-eight year teaching career was spent educating middle and high school band, choir and orchestra students in Wawasee. He was the music teacher and was known for his elaborate themed Christmas Concerts complete with dinner and sets. His musicians participated in band contests, marched in local parades, and played and sang for many community events. He was actively involved with Indiana Bandmaster Association and hosted a regional performance site at his school. Directors loved going to the event at Wawasee because we knew it would be a well organized, educational opportunity for our students. For over twenty years Dave has served as an Associate Conductor, clarinetist, and past board president for the Fort Wayne Area Community Band. The band has been fortunate to play many of his arrangements and compositions. An audience favorite has been his Sousa concerts. Mr. Blackwell takes on the persona of John Phillip Sousa and conducts a Sousa-style concert. The band has performed Sousa concerts in Fort Wayne and surrounding communities as well as at an Indiana Music Educators convention. For the 75th anniversary of the Embassy Theater, Dave was the arranger of the music selections for the review “Lights on Broadway.” For three years the theater ran a review featuring local talent and Mr. Blackwell provided the arrangements for the shows. In his ‘retirement’ Mr. Blackwell teaches woodwind technique classes at Indiana Purdue University Fort Wayne, serves as a clinician for area schools, continues to conduct, compose and perform with the Community Band, performs professionally with his group ‘Music Express’ and plays regularly in area nursing homes with Audiences Unlimited. In addition to his retirement jobs, Dave enjoys being a grandfather and pursues his interest in visiting Frank Lloyd Wright homes and appreciates traveling to hear a good Wagner opera. Mr. Blackwell is truly an outstanding musician and educator who deserves recognition. He would be a worthy recipient of your first ‘Michiana Outstanding Music Educator’ award. Susan M. Jehl 2010
Tim Boucher (formerly) Riley HS Tim Boucher for his hard work in making sure that every student has the chance to achieve his or her full potential. Zac Coudret 2012
Jeremiah Bowman Elkhart Central HS He has really risen to the challenge of being the new-guy here at ECHS. He adapts to different situations quite well, and he problem-solves quickly. He was a great help with Solo & Ensemble. He is always courteous and willing to help out where he can. From what I hear, he has high expectations of his ensembles, and he did a great job with the marching band this year. Kyle Miller 2016
Jeremiah Bowman Elkhart Central HS His creativity, energy and drive has revitalized the high school program. It is beginning to impact the level of expectation, excellence and success of instrumental music performance. Harold Watt 2016
Ned Boyd Logansport HS His hard work not only in his school but in the greater Lafayette area music community. Jim Hopkins 2013
Steve Brattain MS at Parkside Jackson Steve has consistently taken top ratings at the MSBOA District Band Festivals for his entire career of 36 years. The years the band chose to got to State Band Festival, his bands all achieved top grades. He is always energetic, compassionate, and playful with his students. He has a great rapport with students, faculty, and administrators. Kevin Kreger 2012
Steve Brattain MS at Parkside Jackson Steve has spent his career directing and leading a school band program that would, in any other hand but his, fall apart. Teaching in urban Jackson, MI, Steve's program is consistently one of the best in the area. His scores at festival and also the quality of student he produces demonstrate the caliber of teaching Steve gives to his school. Bryan Mangiavellano 2014
Rosalee Burn Columbia City HS   Jason Witzigrueter & Tom Moupin 2010
Dan Burton Pierre Moran MS/ Elkhart Central HS of his continuing effort, creativity and enthusiasm in providing instrumental music education to hundreds of students. Lynne Gwin 2016
Dan Burton Pierre Moran MS/ Elkhart Central HS He has been a low key, behid the scenes influence in several prominent band programs, including leading ECHS last year in an interim position. He has excellent rapport with students of all ages and is a master musician and teacher. It's time for him to be recognized. David Elliott 2016
Dan Burton Elkhart Central HS   Scott Spradling 2015
Sally Calland Ben Franklin MS Sally is innovative. Trying new tools like SmartMusic and end of course assessments, even though we're not required to do so. Sherri Nord 2014
Thaine Campbell Huntington Grove HS He came out of retirement to fill in at HNHS until a replacement could be found. He is a very kind and selfless person. Brittany Barrus 2016
Thaine Campbell (retired) Huntington Grove HS Outstanding service to his students, coworkers, and community for many years. Todd Ward 2010
Thaine Campbell (retired) Huntington Grove HS He graduated from college and then spent his entire 40 year career investing in teens in the same band room, with the same desk, for 40 years! John Gardner 2010
Thaine Campbell (retired) Huntington North HS I feel this candidate should be considered because of the most important aspect in life: balance. I have worked under Mr. Campbell’s leadership for twenty-five years. His dedication to his family, students, co-workers, the profession, community and his church are unparalleled. This balance he has struck is one that needs to be emulated by all teachers. It should serve not only as an example, but also should be the textbook guideline on what success in our profession truly is. As a beginning and middle level instrumental music educator, I have been fortunate to see Mr. Campbell either directly or indirectly involved with the sixth, seventh and eighth grade rehearsals and recruitment. I have also seen him maintain an excellent high school program in the areas of concert band, marching band, pep band and jazz band. I have a short story that reflects the type of man Mr. Campbell is. Several years ago, I was returning a set of concert chimes to Huntington North High School after an ISSMA ensemble contest on a Saturday afternoon. As I entered the building, a flood of water was in the drama room hallway. I noticed a mop bucket in the drama room and heard the sounds of a mop. I went about the business of taking care of my responsibility, but noticed that it was not a custodian doing the clean-up. It was Mr. Campbell. Because of a student’s decision to clog a sink in the drama room, a big mess had been created. Mr. Campbell discovered the mess as he entered the building and thought that he should take care of it. He did this to avoid any embarrassment, belittlement and chastising for our high school drama teacher by that current administrator and custodial staff. I would have immediately called a custodian, but I would have never finished the huge clean-up myself. I do not think it is too far of a stretch to say that almost everyone reading this recommendation would have made the call to the custodians or our drama teacher----Very few of us would have gone that extra mile to help our co-worker. Thaine Campbell does this type of thing all the time. Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes, but rarely is it rewarded when a man simply leads by “walking the walk.” Douglas E. Hofherr 2010
Thaine Campbell (retired) Huntington North HS Mr. Campbell has spent his 40 year teaching career at HNHS. He has taught thousands of students across generations. He has invested his life in the people of Huntington County. Kelly Renier 2010
Thaine Campbell (retired) Huntington North HS   Bob Myers 2010
Thaine Campbell (retired) Huntington North HS Amazing dedication to his band kids and program (40 years). Department Chair and high quality mentor James M. Paul 2010
Thaine Campbell (retired) Huntington North HS Thaine Campbel has been the only band director HNHS has ever known. This remarkable music educator has served thousands on Huntington youth as our band director for 40 years. Jeremy Gulley (principal) 2010
Thaine Campbell (retired) Huntington North HS Long tenure of music education and influence on many current directors. Dough McElhoney 2010
Carrie Carlson Portage HS This totally devoted teacher/violin performer puts her students first. She received the HS String teacher of the year from ASTA in 2015. Denise Kuehner 2016
Carrie Ann Carlson Portage HS Carrie is devoted to her students and her music. Teaching is more than a job. It's her passion. She cares about her students and goes beyond what is required. She is a pro and a fine musician. Denise Kuehner 2013
Dorthy Carnall Schmucker MS   Jeff Carnall 2015
Tim Carnall Elkhart Memorial/ Westside Hes had excellent programs at every school he's been at. Bart Roberts 2016
Tim Carnall Central HS   Mike Satterthwaite 2012
Tim Carnall Central HS Tim's is the only director in the history of Elkhart Central High School to State Marching Band Finals. His Central Concert Bands were state finalists. He has been a Solo and Ensemble adjudicator, Middle School and High School Concert Band adjudicator, Jazz Ensemble adjudicator for many years. Tim has been an Indiana Bandmasters Association guest conductor the middle school All Region Honor Band and high school All District bands for many years. He has been a clinician for the Indiana Music Educators Non Competitive festivals. Tim is also a member of Phi Beta Mu. / ...because of continual high achievement with the Central HS band program. Central HS had 54 band members when Tim Started in 1996. Central HS now has nearly 200 students. Central has consistently received “Gold” ratings at ISSMA concert band contest and was a state finalist in 2005&2009. Central HS has also been a “Gold” rated marching band at ISSMA contest with two trips as top 10 finalists in Class B competition in 2002 and 2003. Jeff Carnall 2014, 2010
Michael Cary Rome City, IN Kevin is one of the hardest working, most dedicated directors I've worked with.  His devotion to ensuring his music students successes are unparalleled Kevin Haydl 2016
Kaleb Chamberlin Mishawaka HS Young teacher with a solid grasp of classroom management skills and musicality. Goes far beyond the call of duty to provide innovative experiences. Dennis Gamble 2016
Rick Cheek Hebron HS he has been building his program tremendously and works very well with students Korey Coffer 2015, 2011, 2006
Wayne Coil Thomas Jefferson MS He is the consummate music educator and all around team teacher player. Miguel Rosario Vega 2016
Wayne Coil Ben Franklin MS #NAME? Sam Hauter 2016
Wayne Coil Ben Franklin & Thomas Jeff MS of exceptional work preparing beginning and young musicians for high school and being flexible during all of the changes in the music curriculum at VCS. Andria Kessler 2014
Matt Conaway Purdue University Outstanding and continued contributions to secondary level music students. Scott Abbott 2013
Matt Conway Purdue Univ./West Lafayette JHS/HS (formerly) Outstanding musicianship and contributions to music education through his composition. Jim Hopkins 2015, 2012
Jill Cooke (retired) Wilbur Wright MS She works very hard to maintain a top notch orchestra program on her own. She helped me learn how to teach students from beginners through advanced through her own outstanding teaching skills. Jill is totally committed to music and most importantly her students. Aaron Zemelko 2010
Bryce Cone Northbridge MS Excellent job connecting with and motivating students Drew Miller 2016
Bryce Cone Northbridge MS I would recommend Bryce cone from Middlebury. He is immensely creative and goes about helping the kids learn tough concepts like intonation through such things as puppets YouTube videos and he called himself vanilla Bryce I think about pushing in and pulling out if you're sharp or flat he just does whatever it takes to make sure that his students achieve a high level of musicianship Kelly Rider 2015
Bryce Cone Northbridge MS I feel Mr. Cone should be considered because he has developed within each of my own children a love of music and a love of performing music. He makes band class one that all three of them have looked forward to having during their day and he pulls the very best out of them. He is constantly letting students know that he cares about them. Mr. Cone exemplifies an outstanding music educator! Sara Skow 2014
Tom Cox Goshen HS Tom is an amazing educator. His programs have become some of the best in Indiana. His marching band is an annual state finalist and BOA regional champion. The jazz program is outstanding, as is the concert programs. The winter guard and drumline are incredible and the percussion program has been national champions more than once. Tom is also a really strong leader for his students. He is a Christian man with strong beliefs and he is a great role model for the students. Bryan Ames 2016
Tom Cox Goshen HS All groups excel! Brad Zook 2016
Tom Cox Goshen HS Outstanding all around program year after year Wade Armentrout 2016
Tom Cox Goshen HS Finished in the top at organizational aand overall program excellent Jeff Gorman 2016
Tom Cox Goshen HS   Jeff Carnall 2015
Tom Cox Goshen HS of his drive to always push his students and give them the best program possible. Derrick Shannon 2013
Tom Cox Goshen HS He is a great educator. He has a strong, well-rounded program at Goshen. State runner-up marching band, state finalist concert band & winter percussion & winter guard, and great jazz bands J. Kurb 2013
Tom Cox Goshen HS Great forward strides in program Bryan Munrz 2013
Tom Cox Goshen HS Great job with consistent quality of performances. Dan Balog 2013
Tom Cox Goshen HS Consistently has a fine performing band every year. Jeff Gorman 2012, 2011
Tom Cox Goshen HS   Tim Boucher 2011
Tom Cox Goshen HS His band was a victim of embezzlement and overcame obstacles and placed in top 5 in state. Maureen Gray 2011
Tom Cox Goshen HS   Wade Armentrout 2010
Dan Cummins Hammond Morton HS Dan Cummins holds every student whom he teaches to the highest standard. He pushes them far beyond what they think they are capable of with motivation, determination, rigor, and knowledgeable pedagogy. He is willing to spend an incredible amount of time outside of the classroom to help students become better musicians and people. He is honest, straightforward, and always holds himself accountable. He is a fantastic musician, teacher, and colleague. His love for music education has inspired many students to forward with music after high school, and he has inspired me to never settle for mediocrity in any area of life. Alex Akers 2014
Jay Dennison Delphi Comm. MS …he is a hard-working director who is fully committed to the success of every one of his students. Jeremy Sterk 2010
Jay Dennison Delphi Comm. MS He works very hard Scott Abbott 2014
Brandon Dinkins Merrillville Int. School he is a great teacher who spends even his spare time for the betterment of students Kyle Govert 2014
Mark Druyos Lasalle Int. Academy Great job with regional honor band. Bryce Cone 2016
Mark Druyos Lasalle Int. Academy Extremely hard working and gets involved in all aspects of his job. Susan Walker 2016
Mark Druyos Lasalle Int. Academy He's extremely hard working in all areas of his job. An unsung hero. Grayling Hawkins 2016
Mark Druyos Lasalle Int. Academy Does a great job working with his students. Susan Walker 2015
Larry Dwyer   Great musician and teacher. Susan Walker 2012
Thomas Eisan Southwestern MS - Lafayette I hear great things about his program Bart Roberts 2015
Dave Elliott Edwardsburg HS I feel this candidate should be considered because he strives for her personal best to model that behavior for his students. Elaina Sutton 2016
Dave Elliott Edwardsburg HS (MI) / Knox MS (formerly)   Jimmy Wingett 2010
Jen Engleman Watervliet HS Has done a great job with both marching and concert band. Received 1st at contest and not many given out. Strives for perfection and always receives high ratings at contest. Randy Ripley 2013, 2012, 2011
Terry Fisher Dekalb HS his marching band and jazz bands rock!!" Mark Cheshire 2015
Terry Fisher Dekalb HS   Sarah Farver-Staub 2015
Terry Fisher Dekalb HS   Jim Gunham 2013
Terry Fisher Dekalb HS   Eric Criss 2010
Kevin Fogle Angola HS Kevin Fogle is an outstanding Band Director who has been educating young musicians for the past 11 years at Angola High School. Outside of all of the accolades of his program, he spends a tremendous amount of extra time with his students. One particular thing that stands out with Kevin is his commitment to his students musical growth. He (personally) provides private lessons to every students who expresses interest in his high school band program. Over half of his high school band students advanced to the ISSMA state Solo & Ensemble events in 2012. Kevin is quiet but has a methodical drive about him when he works with his students. His work ethic is outstanding and his commitment to musical excellence is unsurpassed. His program is consistently an ISSMA All-School Music Award recipient, which demonstrates comprehensive student musicianship. Please give Kevin Fogle strong consideration for Outstanding Music Educator of the Year for High School; his commitment to young people exemplifies one of Indiana's best music educators. Jason Witzigrueter 2012
Kelly Ford St. Joseph College He teaches authentically and with passion. All the tricks and tools I learned from him. He has formed me into the music educator I am. Gayle Arend 2014
Dawn Forsythe Adams HS   Cindy Berryman 2010
Dan Fortlander John Glenn HS Has a great quality program year after year. Dawn Forsythe 2014
Dan Fortlander John Glenn HS   Nathaniel Sudduth 2010
Phil Frazier Carroll HS Phil goes above and beyond when it comes to his job. He is the assistant director and does all of the behind the scenes work . He is a dedicated and an amazing teacher! Kristine Miller 2015
Dennis Gamble Mishawaka HS Dennis comes to work every day just as excited as I'm sure he did his very first day of teaching. He loves what he does and it shows every day. Brooke Victor 2016
Dennis Gamble Mishawaka HS After 31 years of teaching Dennis still comes into school with awesome enthusiasm that is used to make his students better musicians and better people. Kaleb Chamberlin 2016
Dennis Gamble Mishawaka HS He deserves it. Stepped up to the plate when the head band director took a leave of absence and has done an extra ordinary job. Very dedicated to his students. Chris Beyer 2013
Dennis Gamble Mishawaka HS Inspires his students to really enjoy his class and to experience the sheer joy of making music Wade Armentrout 2013
Joel Good Rossville HS He is very dedicated to what he does and has been extremely helpful over the years that I have known him. He is very talented at doing his job and it shows through his students. Lindsay Knee 2016
Daivd Gore (retired) Grimmer MS had him come in and work withy my HS kids a few times and he really connected with the kids and helped motivate them to the next level Brian Blocker 2013
Daivd Gore (retired) Grimmer MS David Gore is an incredible music educator. In addition to the excellence achieved by his bands yearly through his efforts, he is always willing to help make other educators better. He works with the LCHS Marching Band, is always available for advice, runs a corporation wide Cadet Color Guard group and has served as a mentor for me over the past two years I have been in the corporation. Mark Walton 2014
Jeff Gorman Jackson Int Capable of immense success with underpriveleged/low income students Zach Myers 2016
Jeff Gorman Riley HS Consistent Marching Band Awards over ALL the years he has been at Riley! The marching band is HIS program, and he should receive credit for his truly outstanding work year after year after year!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Linda Howard 2015
Jeff Gorman Riley HS In spite of type of environment does a great job. Very low income families with students difficult to work with. Dan Balog 2015
Jeff Gorman Riley HS been working at SBCSC forever; is a great musician and teacher, plus he has been a wonderful mentor to me this year. Zach Myers 2015, 2014, 2013
Kyle Govert Lowell MS / Merrillville HS (formerly) he is dedicated to his students and band program. Kyle goes above and beyond the call of duty to help his students achieve success in music Aaron Zemelko 2011
Maureen Gray Northwood MS Has a strong program and a great relationship with students. Kayli Savage 2015
Brian Grenier Hobart HS I feel this candidate should be considered because he is the most talented director in our area! Darren Day 2016
Brian Grenier Hobart HS Brian has done an excellent job at rebuilding the band program at HHS as well as participating in furthering fine arts education in the area. James Wasmundt 2013
Brian Grenier Hobart HS I would like to nominate Brian Grenier. Brian has served as the Director of Bands for Hobart High School since (?2004?). During his time there Brian has helped to organize the Hobart Summer Youth Band featuring different guest conductors for the students of River Forest, Lake Station, and River Forest. The concert takes place at the Revelli Band after only three days of rehearsal. Besides helping to organize this event for the local high school musicians Mr. Grenier also maintains high expectations for his own groups during Marching Band, Concert Band, and Jazz Band. This past year he took members of his Jazz Combo to demonstrate improvisation skills learned by students and how to teach them at the Indiana State Music Educators Conference held in Fort Wayne, IN. Nicholas Boersma 2012
Brian Grenier Hobart HS Brian does a FANTASTIC job at HHS! He has faced many adversities since taking over the program and things have only improved, and continue to improve! When he first came to Hobart, he had around 18 kids left in band, he now has over 60. Brian comes to the MS on a daily basis and works with a 7th grade group of kids and the beginning low brass class. In 2009 HHS Band Department received the ISSMA All-Music Award. That same year they had a Partnership with Purdue University. Brian is always looking for activities to involve his HHS musicians. He expects hard work from his kids and won't settle for anything less! He is well-liked and well-respected by his students! Kelly Rehlander 2012
Brian Grenier Hobart HS we have worked closely over the past 5 years and someone needs to recognize the work that has been done with the Hobart Youth Band! Contact Brian Grenier for more info regarding the HYB! Darren Day 2013
Brian Grenier Hobart HS Brian is an extremely conscientious person and a meticulous educator. He sets his expectations high and works to get his kids to improve to those high expectations. Mark Danielson 2010
Emilie Grondin Stanley Clark MS I feel this candidate should be considered because:: Mrs. Grondin was a school string teacher for my boys for the last 7 years . She has been teaching various age groups ( from pre-K to 8th grade) at the Stanley Clark School. She is not only very patient and sweet but also knows how to challenge kids on every level. She also conducts the South Bend Youth Concert Orchestra group as well as coaches various chamber music groups in town. She is a truly amazing music educator in the Michiana area. Minjung Ha 2014
Lynn Gwin Northside MS has been a staple in the Elkhart Band program since I was a student. She has a strong passion for students and is super dedicated. Bart Roberts 2014
Chris Haddad Pierce MS Mr. Haddad's dedication to his students and to the 6-12 band program is raising the level of achievement in our district. His commitment and professionalism are always apparent. His respectful treatment of his students makes the strive them strive to please him and themselves. Diane Kowalski 2013
Chris Haddad Pierce MS HE is doing a great job with carrying on the high expectations and traditions of the Merrillville Band program. Kyle Govert 2013
Matt Hames Lawrence Central HS is an outstanding music educator who teaches all things musical lessons such as style and technique as well as life lessons through music. He relates behavior to music, work ethic through the music all in a way that reaches out to students in an extremely mixed demographic. Because of his teamwork with Randy Greenwell, the Lawrence Central Wind Ensemble is a premiere diverse group and all of the 5 bands at Lawrence Central perform at an extremely high level. He's also the man. Tiffany Galus 2013
Soo Han Carmel HS he has shown dramatic improvement in every school he has been, gets the maximum out of his students, respects his craft, and takes leadership roles in our profession David Irish 2013
Robert Hay (retired) River Valley MS (MI) I feel this candidate should be considered because: Bob is an extremely dedicated educator whose primary focus is his students. He spends countless hours at work, and has sacrificed a lot of personal time in order to ensure the success and quality of the music program at his school. Bob has taught at River Valley Public Schools for 37 years - his entire career - and plans to retire at the end of this school year. Throughout his career, he has sought to provide unforgettable opportunities for students. Two of his most recent accomplishments include taking his band to play at the Liberty Bowl, and being selected as the guest conductor for the 4th annual Southwest Michigan Middle School Honor Band (which Q&F helps to sponsor every year). Although his family will be glad to have him home more often after 37 years, the music education world will miss Bob and his expertise and dedication. Denisse Santos 2011
Robert Hay (retired) River Valley MS (MI) I feel this candidate should be considered because: of the 30+ years of excellence in choral activity and, as of recent years, single-handedly directing both the choral and instrumental music groups there, district-wide, and succeeding! Christopher Keech 2011
Robert Hay (retired) River Valley MS (MI) I feel this candidate should be considered because: He is a great teacher that has put a lot into making River Valley a fantastic program. Elisabeth Anderson 2011
Kevin Haydl E. Noble MS goes out of his way to make every student feel welcomed and receive the best possible music education - whether it be band, choir or general music. He truly is a wonderful person to work with. Michael Cary 2013
Jennifer Hollandsworth Watervliet HS consistently brings out so much from her students with such limited resources. In a small rural district with meager funding, Jenifer has developed one of the premier programs in SW Michigan. Her marching band is a consistent state qualifier and her passion for music and magnetic personality has drawn more and more students in to her program in her 17 years at Watervliet. Currently serving as the president for MSBOA District 6, she understands the need to give back and server her colleagues and profession. Mark Hollandsworth 2016
Everette Hornbarger Carroll MS Everette is a seasoned music educator who teaches instrumental music to band students in grades 6-8. He has hundreds of students in his concert bands, and they consistently score very high at the ISSMA music contests each year. He has also developed a fine Jazz band program. Everette coaches students for solo and ensemble contest, and is proficient in composing pieces for varying mixes of instruments in small and large ensembles. He works hard to provide quality experiences for children! Diane Barton 2014
Danny Jackson Oregon Davis Jr/Sr of his commitment to his craft and to the students best musical interest Chase Sprouse 2014
Michael Jamieson South Newton HS He is beyond committed to a program that is hurting for numbers. Great educator, person and friend! Craig Redlin 2014
Susan Jehl Summit MS Sue has had a consistently strong program for many years, and an impressive record. Marcus Farr 2016
Susan Jehl Summit MS … of dedication to her job. The wide variety of opportunities she provides for her students including commissioning composer works, Honor Bands, out of state trips, festivals, service performances, etc. Also involved in community band. Troy Strebig 2010
James D. Jones Benton Harbor HS Mr. Jones came to Benton Harbor High School in 2005. He is also a Graduate of Benton Harbor High School. Mr. Jones is not only a Teacher but he is a Mentor, a Leader, and to some of his students a Father Figure. Mr. Jones goes above and beyond his duties as a Band Director. Many students come to his and ask if they can join band. Is reply is always "YES". A lot of his students may have only been playing a year or less and he takes his time both during and after school to work with them on a 1on1 basis. Mr. Jones has taught his students how to be a productive part of their community. Each year Mr. Jones finds a quote that he wants every student to know. This year his quote was "Quality not Quantity". Mr. Jones chose this because he wanted all of his students to know that your bad does not have to be "big" to sound good. Finally, I submit Mr. James D. Jones for this award because Mr. Jones has shown both his students that with hard work, dedication you can realize your dream. Louis Krajecki 2011
Heather Kasselman Westville MS/HS She has done outstanding work with the students at WHS. Her enthusiasm to help the program grow, to support the students in all endeavors (rock band, guitar, basketball band) and her continued support and care shows she is a fantastic educator for a great group of students. Heather Marshall 2016
Jim Keranen (retired) Mishawaka HS   Dennis Gamble 2010
Josh Kaufman Goshen HS has been instrumental in running the marching band at a masterful level. Matt Mauet 2013
Josh Kaufman Goshen HS Josh is a very versatile musician, writer, and teacher. He has raised the level of the Goshen HS bands since his arrival in 2006. He is a fantastic musician while being a husband and father of three. Tom Cox 2014, 2013, 2010
Josh Kaufman Goshen HS Really great with inspiring students to do better and does a great job incorporating the artistic portion into the performance. Charles Westra 2014
Tom Kennedy (deceased) Chesterton HS I feel this candidate should be considered because of years of service dedicated to the growth of music in Northwest Indiana. Frank Gast 2015
Jim Kerenan Mishawaka HS   Chris Iwaniec 2010
Jim Kerenan Mishawaka HS   Dennis Gamble 2010
Andrew Killion Lowell HS I was his student teacher and he trusted me with his group. He made me think about everything that I did during the time I spent with him. He made me think about why I wanted to be a band director and how I needed to show that to my students. He helped me get my job. Andrew and I still talk on a consistent basis. He lets me bounce ideas off of him and gives me feedback. I know that whenever I have a problem, he will be there to help. Not only is he a mentor to me, but he is one of my closest friends. Jay Lowry 2011
Andrew Killion Lowell HS   Chris Haddad 2011
Andrew Killion Lowell HS He embodies the spirit of what music educators should try to be. Jon Carney 2010
Andrew Killion Lowell HS … he truly represents what music education is all about. Kevin Lewis 2010
Kathleen Kohn Adams HS Hard working and committed Martha Bradberry 2013
Doug Koleszar Harrison HS He is a great mentor and an even better person. He goes above and beyond his duties at his school. Craig Redlin 2013
Doug Koleszar Harrison HS   Anonymous 2010
Doug Koleszar Harrison HS I feel this candidate should be considered because his bands have been a Four Time State Concert Band Finalist. He is the current President of the Indiana Bandmasters Association and the current Chair of the TSC Music Department. He heads up 3 concert bands, 3 jazz bands, marching band, and pep band. He has also organized a 2011 summer concert tour to Hawaii. Steve Cotten 2011, 2010
Diane Kowalski Rosenthal Pierece MS I feel this candidate should be considered because of her tireless efforts to help her students and never ending dedication to the Merrillville String Program.  I am a better teacher because of her. Aaron Zemelko 2016
Diane Kowalski Pierce MS I feel this candidate should be considered because she is actually a great teacher. Jeff Lang 2015
Diane Kowalski Pierce MS of her tireless efforts to better her students in music and in life. Diane’s dedication and commitment to her students and the Merrillville String Orchestra program is truly inspiring. Aaron Zemelko 2013
Diane Kowalski Pierce MS …she continually works hard to develop and maintain a quality program. Tom Reed 2013
Kevin Krieger Parkside MS Outstanding MS jazz bands that rival or better than HS. They have appeared at the Detroit International Jazz Festival 6 times. Steven Bralteimer 2013
Denise Kuehner Clay HS Long time teacher and very dedicated Kathleen 2016
Denise Kuehner Clay HS Truly an outstanding educator. Has devoted her entire career to young musicians in countless ways. Emilie Grondin 2016
Denise Kuehner Clay HS/Edison Denise Kuehner has the honor of being selected as the recipient of the 2015 Lifetime achievement award by the INASTA awards committee. Denise began her teaching career at Chesterton and Valparaiso in 1979. She joined the South Bend Symphony in 1981 and finished grad school at Notre Dame in 1983. In 1984 she began her long teaching career in South Bend and shortly after settled in as the orchestra director at Clay HS where she is still to this day. She founded the Academy Youth Orchestra over 20 years ago and it has served as a training orchestra for the South Bend Youth Symphony. She also directed the orchestras for the SBCSC summer musicals at Firefly and Summerfly for about 12 years and has also coached cello sectionals for the SB Youth Symphony concert orchestra for over 10 years. She has had a positive impact on hundreds of young musicians over the years and truly deserves this award. n/a 2015
Denise Kuehner Clay HS/Edison Received lifetime achievement award from IN ASTA. Jim Grondin 2015
Denise Kuehner Clay HS/Edison Very talented and has revived the orchestra at Brown Intermediate. Very dedicated to her students. Dawn Forsythe 2015
Denise Kuehner Clay HS/Edison has a passion for teaching music to kids and has a talent to bring music to many types of students. Kathleen Kohn 2015, 2013
Denise Kuehner Clay HS/Edison Wonderful musician and produces fine quality musicians. Absolute best interests of the students in mind. She has been teaching a long time...30 years maybe more. During that time she has given students a great foundation in orchestra but more importantly a love of music that they will keep with them long after school is over. Chris Milliken 2012
Denise Kuehner Clay HS/Edison Commitment to students. Works many hours overtime for extra help. Great musician herself. Pulls the talent out of the student. Encouraging. Totally dedicated to her students. Committed to high standards. She has given her life to music education - teaching for SBCSC (Clay HS & Browne now but has built up programs at other schools) was on the SBYSO board for a number of years and gives up her Saturday mornings to coach cello sectionals for the Concert Orchestra (more than 10 years. ) Indiana ASTA recently gave her a lifetime achievement award. Emilie Grondin 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012
Denise Kuehner Clay HS/Edison   Chris Milliken 2010
Denise Kuehner Clay HS/Edison of her dedication to her students and her will to help any student learn. Zac Coudret 2014
Gary Kurtis Clay HS-SB Has worked extremely hard to build and expand the program at Clay HS. Denis Gamble 2015
Gary Kurtis Clay HS-SB Gary has brought the band back from declining numbers and it has almost doubled since he arrived. Has 2 jazz bands now also. Doing a great job building his program. / Has done a great job helping the program to grow by expanding program and coursework. There are now 2 bands and 2 jazz bands. Guitar, electronic percussion classes have been integrated into the program. Larry Vanore 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012
Gary Kurtis Clay HS-SB   Denise Kuehner 2010
Bill Leather Penn HS ...for his success with the Jazz ensemble (many invitational’s won), his commitment to students, contribution to the Penn Marching band achieving state finals on a yearly basis, and all-around good guy. ... because he is Dedicated. Humble. Courteous. Musical. Swangin'. Nice guy. Bill is an excellent educator that gets a lot out of his students. Steve Peterson 2013, 2012
Bill Leather Penn HS Very impressed with his jazz band. Dawn Forsythe 2011
Kristen Lemley Arcola Elem. She is so great with our band!! Tracy 2014
Kristen Lemley Arcola Elem. The band really likes her Isaac L. 2014
Kevin Lewis Grimmer MS He has been such a wonderful resource to me as I have made the transition to being a fulltime band director. He never hesitates to lend an ear, helping hand, or a solid critique. He truly loves what he does and wants to share that with other professionals. He has been an invaluable resource to me. Elliot Smith 2016
Kevin Lewis Grimmer MS I feel this candidate should be considered because of the well run program by someone new to the district! Bridge Parker 2015
Kevin Lewis Wilbur Wright MS He is a great music educator Bret Winternheimer 2013
Don Litherland Concord JHS (retired) had incredible success as a high school band director at Elkhart Memorial, he continues to be extremely active in music education in Indiana. Mr. Litherland has an active private studio at Penn High School, and teaches a few students at Concord as well. He is often a guest clinician throughout the state, and has recently been named to the Hall of Fame for Phi Beta Mu. As a former student of his, he has always been a mentor and friend to me and has always made himself available to me as I continue to improve as a director. His demeanor with students is always friendly, professional, filled with joy and humor, and engages students in a way that causes students to raise their expectations of what they can do when playing music. The most recent example was at the Junior High All-Region Band concert in the fall at LaSalle Academy in South Bend where he was a guest conductor. Thank you for your consideration. I know that this award has typically been for current directors, and although he no longer holds the title he most certainly educating our students even today in retirement. Bryan Golden 2014
Bob Malchow Benton Central Jr/ Sr. HS I feel this candidate should be considered because of outstanding support to new choir teachers in the area Andria Kessler 2015
Adrian Mark Adams HS Very helpful to her in her first year at Edison and he does a great bot at both schools he is at. Angie Phelabom 2013
Paul Marlow (retired) Garrett MS   Jim Gunham 2013
Terry McKee Manchester Jr Sr HS   Rod Burton 2010
Terry McKee Manchester Jr Sr HS Super career at MHS, sharing music with his students for many full and success-filled years. Everette L. Hornbarger 2010
Kristine Miller Maple Creek MS Kristeen has a great relationship with kids and does an excellent job with music education! Douglas McElhaney 2013
Kristine Miller Maple Creek MS She has made outstanding contributions, as her students play with great skill. She challenges them at ISSMA group and solo and ensemble contests every year. She has a fabulous sense of humor and makes playing in band fun! This summer, she will direct the Fifteenth Annual Allen County Youth Band, which gives area youth a free chance to expand their musical experience. The band plays 3 concerts at area nursing homes. Diane Barton 2010
Kyle Miller Elkhart Central HS Kyle is a very innovative teacher who had established himself as an excellent role model for our students. Kyle is a young teacher who sets extremely high expectations for his students and has demonstrated a superior performance level with all of his groups. He has a wonderful rapport with his students and has the gift of being able to motivate for excellence and still have a lot of fun with the kids. His groups consistently receive gold ratings at solo and ensemble festivallst and ISSMA organizational events. Last year, his advanced middle school group performed for the IMEA Convention in Fort Wayne. And, he's a nice guy! Dan Burton 2016
Chris Milliken Dickinson Intermediate Does a great job and very underrated in the area. Bart Roberts 2011
Diane Moellering Concordia Lutheran HS   Glenn Northern 2016
Diane Moellering Concordia Lutheran HS Diane has had an outstanding program for decades. Both concert band, and marching bands have always excelled at a high level. Scott Maack 2016
Diane Moellering Concordia Lutheran HS To my knowledge she is only one of tow female directors in the history of Indiana marching band to win a state championship. Consistently a gold state qualifier concert band, and arguably the most decorated private school program in the state's history Cory Kelly 2016
Diane Moellering Concordia Lutheran HS In 1999 when I was a member of the Marching Cadets the Journal Gazette did a big article on our band. You see, we had been scoring very well at marching competitions that season and it was looking like a strong possibility that we would finally qualify for the ISSMA State Marching Band Contest. I say finally because this was a feat that had not yet been conquered by Concordia. In fact, it had not been conquered by any Parochial school, ever. This was the reason for the article in the paper. Regional competition came, and we fell short of our goal by .06. Two years later, the Marching Cadets finally met their goal and made it to the State Finals competition. This was huge for the school. Since that time they have continued to qualify for State Competition and have continuously climbed the placement ladder. This past season in 2013, the Marching Cadets won their first ever Class C State Championship Title. The band has come such a long way in the past 14 years. From never having been to state competition at all, to a State Championship is no small task. The band could never have done it without Diane. The most important part of her teaching, however is not winning competitions. Concordia is a Lutheran High School. Diane makes Christianity the forefront of her teaching. The motto of the band is Soli Deo Gloria. Which means to God Alone be the Glory. She is doing great things and her students are doing great things, and they don’t take any of the glory, they give it all to God where it belongs. I don’t know what could be more deserving than that. Sarah Sponseller 2015, 2014
Diane Moellering Concordia Lutheran HS   Doug Hassell 2012
Bryan Munoz East Noble HS It goes without saying, Bryan is an excellent musician as a performer and a director interpreting music. He has written several grants receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase top quality band instruments or his students to play. Parents respect him as well as his fellow educators. He was selected as Teacher of The Year for the East Noble School Corporation in 2013. Bryan is an excellent roll model for kids to follow. We are very fortunate to have Bryan at East Noble. James Swartzlander 2015
Bryan Munoz East Noble HS he has made drastic improvements in the East Noble music program Robert Smith 2015
Zach Myers Adams HS for all the time he puts into building the Adams program Mark Druyos 2013
Sherri Nord Thomas Jefferson MS She is constantly improving and training solid skills! Tim Kopf 2016
Sheril Nord Ben Franklin & Thomas Jeff MS …she continually improves her teaching and is making lesson plans that show creatively, imagination and her kids are well prepared. …she goes way beyond what is required and cares about her students. Tim Kopf 2012, 2013
April Oppenheim Concord JHS   Glenn Northern 2016
April Oppenheim Concord JHS   Scott Spradling 2015
Chris Paulson Penn HS he does amazing with running Penn marching band rehearsals and the numerous concert bands he runs and the pep band. Jeff Gorman 2013
Coleen Patrick Lane MS she is a phenomenal musician--performing with professional ensembles around the Fort Wayne area. She is involved in CONN-SELMER music education. She takes time to develop relationships with her students. She has her own private lessons studio outside of school. Cathy Huber 2014
Sean Patrick Goshen HS Sean is running the Goshen Orchestras with integrity, talent, and an immense amount of hard work.  For such a young man he has already proven himself as a knowledgable and caring educator.  The orchestras under his direction regularly perform at a high level and the Goshen program continues on it's path of excellence after the retirement of Susan Ellington. Anne Marie Tschetter 2016
Sean Patrick Goshen HS for his contribution to the success of the Goshen School Orchestra and for his musicianship as a bassist and cellist in all styles of music. Kate Truscello 2013
Dan Peo McCutcheon HS I’ve known Dan for many years now. First, he taught me when he was student teaching at the high school I attended, Lake Central. He was an outstanding role model for myself and my other classmates, and I remember being amazed at how such a nice guy could command such respect. I have also known Dan through his work with the Indiana State University Drum Major Clinic. He mentored me as I was making my transition into being a college drum major at ISU. His positive guidance and constructive criticism helped me to become the best drum major I could be. Next I knew Dan when he was director of bands at Seeger High School in West Lebanon, IN. The band program thrived under his direction and he left it in much better shape than he found it. Currently, Dan teaches at McCutcheon High School in Lafayette, IN and has quickly proven that he can effectively take the reins of a top-notch program such as McCutcheon’s. His bands are steadily improving under his direction and he continues to serve as a positive role model for all who fall under his baton. Thanks Dan for all you have done! Michael Baum 2013
Dan Peo McCutcheon HS Outstanding director formerly at Seeger HS and now at McCutcheon. Joel Good 2013
Dan Peo McCutcheon HS In his few years here in TSC, Dan has done a great job stepping up to take a leadership role. He has hosted ISSMA contest, All-Region and TSC events. Katherine Tackett 2014
Craig Redlin N. Newton Jr/Sr HS   Mike Jamieson 2013
Kelly Rehlander Hobart MS I feel this candidate should be considered because she goes above and beyond for her students year in and year out. Bridget Fine 2016
Kelly Rehlander Hobart MS She goes above and beyond for her students. One example, she has always accompanied her own students @ S&E! / I feel this candidate should be considered because she changes students’ lives through her dedication and hard work. Bridget Fine 2015, 2014
Melinda Reinhart Merrillville HS Her dedication to her students and to her school is exemplary. She is deeply concerned for the "path of excellence" of Merrillville HS. I feel this candidate should be considered because of her tireless efforts with her choir students and the “tons” of extra time she puts in for our Spring Musicals! Mark Danielson 2015, 2013
Cliff Reppart Bridgman MS Since arriving at Bridgman, Cliff has taken a broken program and turned it around. Last year he took is High School band to state festival... the first time the band had ever gone in recent history... and they received straight I's. He has put in the time and energy to build the program the right way and the fruits of his labors really starting to show. Also, Cliff is always willing to serve and work with other band directors in the area. He often gives up his time to work with percussion students at honor bands and lends a hand with other similar type projects. He is a thoughtful and insightful and seems to have a genuine interest in the well-being of those around him. Bridgman may not be the biggest or the best school in the area, but because of Cliff it certainly is an OUTSTANDING place for music education!!!! Spencer White 2012
Cliff Reppart Bridgman MS I feel this candidate should be considered because:: Mr. Reppart is a band director that isn't just a band director but a role model and a friend. Mr. Reppart helps everyone not with just the stuff we do in band but stays after to help with a music ventures we want to take. He runs 4 different bands by himself, no assistant directors just himself. Patrick Feole 2014
Mike Richardson Benton Central Jr/ Sr. HS He has been doing a lot of great things with his program lately and made great strides since taking over 4 years ago. Patrick Teykel 2014, 2013
Mike Richardson Benton Central Jr/ Sr. HS his dedication to the Benton Community and his desire to impart change. Jim Hopkins 2014
Randy Ripley Stanley Clark MS Randy is an excellent music educator. He inspires his students to do the very best. Positive role model for his students. / Dedicates work to kids and not ego Pete Foster 2014, 2013
Christina Roback New Buffalo MS/HS She has been a very helpful peer throughout my first year as a music educator. She not only teaches her students, but helps enrich other educators. Jenna Wojdula 2016
Bart Roberts Dickinson MS He creates innovative ways to get kids excited. He brings in professionals, they watch live performances, and he does interesting things with his ensembles. Bryce Cone Bryce Cone 2015
Bart Roberts Dickinson MS Great job building program through the years. Now takes two groups to organizational contest. Alex Benoit 2015
Bart Roberts Dickinson MS Has done a great job turning around a failing program. Incoming freshman from his school are very well prepared. Gold at contest three years in a row. Doing a great job; when students get to Clah, they can play well. Gary Kurtis 2013, 2012, 2011
Bart Roberts Dickinson MS is very dedicated to helping the kids and goes above and beyond to give them what they need Zac Coudret 2013
Bart Roberts Dickinson MS Outstanding job building the program. Christine Coudret 2013
Bart Roberts Dickinson MS Does a remarkable job getting students to produce a quality performance in spite of negative dynamics within the system. Adrian Mark 2014
Miguel Rosario-Vega Valparaiso HS -I feel this candidate should be considered because of his ongoing passion and dedication to Valparaiso HS for the last 21 years. Sarah DeRossi 2016
Miguel Rosario-Vega Valparaiso HS I feel this candidate should be considered because he is awesome. Andria Kessler 2016
Miguel Rosario Valparaiso HS …he has brought the love of music to many many students over the past 15 years. Dan Pritchett 2011, 2010
Ben Runkel Concord He's very knowledgeable about all percussion and is always willing to help a colleague Jacob Grabil 2016
Mike Satterthwaite Adams Central Jr/Sr HS I have worked very closely with Mr. Satterthwaite for several years. The way he works with students is truly outstanding. He has a way for getting kids to excel beyond what one would sometimes think that they could sound. Mr. Satterthwaite is concerned about students as well as his colleagues. He is always willing to help others in any way that he can. Jim Bueter 2016
Mike Satterthwaite Adams Central Jr/Sr HS   Dean Smekens 2015
Mike Satterthwaite Adams Central Jr/Sr HS I would like to nominate Mr. Satterthwaite for the Outstanding Music Educator Award. Mr. Satterthwaite is outstanding with students. His caring for kids is genuine and he works/fights for the students that many would let slip through the system. Mr. Satterthwaite has high expectations for all of his performing ensembles. I admire his abilities in rehearsal techniques and his end products are wonderful. I have a great respect for Mr. Satterthwaite as a colleague as well as a friend. Jim Bueter 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012
Mike Satterthwaite Adams Central Jr/Sr HS I feel this candidate should be considered because:: He has Been Teaching for over 30 years. Has made Marching Band State Finals In Class B,C,D. and is respected by All in this area for his integrity as an educator. and when Once asked why he likes teaching? his response " I like seeing kids succeed" Bob Myers 2014
Mike Satterthwaite Adams Central Jr/Sr HS I feel this candidate should be considered because:: Mike is an incredible educator and has proven himself at both MS & HS levels. For years, he directed the Fort Wayne -Wayne HS band and was recognized as a premier program in the City and State! Mike has brought his expertise to Adams Central HS and now (a once unrecognized program) is viewed with high respect. As a young director, I have come to know Mike as a steady college and advisor. He has helped me in conversations and basic mentoring whenever I've asked. Mike is a TRUE music educator Cory Kelley 2014
Peg Shaffer (retired) Crown Point HS of her outstanding years of service to music education in Crown Point Johann Sletto 2014
Joel Shaner Jackson HS Outstanding performances and case to students. MSBOA director of the year 2008-2009. One of my daughter's favorite teachers! Kevin Kruger 2013
Joel Shaner Jackson HS Joel is a master educator who has achieved much success within his urban school district. Joel was MSBOA state teacher of the year in 2008-2009. Bryan Mangiavellano 2013
Dean Smekens Jefferson MS Dean is an incredible music educator. He has his groups playing at such a level and doing so consistently with meager resources. John VanPatten 2016
Sarah Staub Angola MS her bands sound great and have good discipline - she also helps other band directors when she can. Hank Gore 2014
Ken Steidle (retired) Kankakee Valley HS Ken personally has an outstanding academic record, but more than that he is an awesome educator and mentor for his music students and community! Ken directs orchestra, jazz band, concert band, marching band, and pep band at Kankakee High School and enjoys every minute of it! His enthusiasm and up-beat attitude permeates in every aspect of his music programs. Ken sets goals for his students and himself and never ceases to amaze me. One outstanding accomplishment was receiving the ISSMA All-Music Award last year. Thomas Wright-Calumet HS (Gary, IN) 2005
Ken Steidle (retired) Kankakee Valley HS he has served in music education for many years. Ken truly cares about his student's success. Jeremy Sterk 2014
Ken Steidle (retired) Kankakee Valley HS he has done a great job with his many band and string students over the years. He also has done so much to transform the KV music program. Dan Peo 2014
Daniel Stowe Notre Dame Univ. One of the best musicians she knows. Directs ND choir and orchestra. Ginny Long-Cecil 2011, 2010
Tony Strebig Woodside MS Tony is an outstanding individual and teacher! He always has a positive outlook and gets his students excited about what they are doing. Kristine Miller 2012
Matt Sutton Bremen HS He puts students first and desn't sacrifice his quality of standards. Amanda Malone 2016
Matt Sutton Bremen HS Has brought a dying program back from almost nothing and now receives gold ratings in both concert and marching band contests. Dan Fortlander 2012
Matt Sutton Bremen HS   Bryan Ames 2010
Matt Sutton Bremen HS he is doing an outstanding job with his program. T has grown a great deal in quality and number of musicians. Nathanel Sudduth 2014
Matt Sullivan Kesling MS I feel this candidate should be considered because extreme dedication to the education of his students. Mike Scheck 2015
Megan Sullivan Boston MS I feel this candidate should be considered because she is generally awesome. Kids are always successful at Contest and Solo & Ensemble.  It would be also be great if she got it before her husband Matt. Michael Scheck 2016
Megan Sullivan Boston MS Even though new to the area, has done great things in two schools over the past two years. Great mentor for kids with outstanding communication skills Dennis Gamble 2014, 2013
Nathanael Sudduth Laville HS Has done a great job building the program. When he started there were 7 students in the band and now over 40. The band went from no participation in organizational contests to winning gold. Gary Kurtis 2015
Bob Symer Portage HS (retired) Bob has a special way with his students. He is very compassionate. He is an excellent teacher and has inspired many students to have music as their career. Carrie Carlson 2008
Bob Symer Portage HS (retired)   Tom Reed 2010
Jared Throneberry Manchester Jr/Sr HS Jared's bands are of the highest quality. Jared serves as an officer in MSBOA as well as a host for band festivals. Bryan Mangiavellano 2015
Jared Throneberry Manchester Jr/Sr HS Jared's bands consistently receives high scores. He is active in MSBOA as the B&O chairperson and he is a tremendous supporter of the arts both at Manchester but throughout the county and state. Bill Murray 2015
Mark Townley Byron Center HS Very impressed with his jazz band and the individual abilities of the students. Mark Druyos 2011
Larry Vanore Clay HS Improved the band since he was here and is taking the kids to contest which didn't happen before Kevin Ohara  
Susan Walker Lasalle Int. Academy very dedicated and goes above and beyond Mike Brown 2016
Susan Walker Lasalle Int. Academy Has an excellent program consistently and knows how to get the very best out of her students. Gives a lot of extra time after school. Mark Druyos 2012
Susan Walker Lasalle Int. Academy she does a great job organizing the IBA all region band. Holds afterschool jazz band, promotes private lessons afterschool and just sets very high standards in general. Cindy Berryman 2011
Susan Walker Lasalle Int. Academy   Dawn Forsythe 2010
Susan Walker Lasalle Int. Academy one of the best band directors I've ever met. Her students have excellent skills and musicianship. Kathleen Kohn 2014
Lisa Wallyn Riverside Int/ Plymouth Has built Junior High Program - Great ratings at contests, increased numbers over the years. Recruiting has grown beginning numbers. Bill Brown 2016
Brent Winterheimer Munster HS He is always helpful to orchestra teacher newbies and he's a wonderful colleague that keeps things fun. Bridget Parker 2016
Brent Winterheimer Munster HS He is a great music educator Kevin Lewis 2013
Brent Winterheimer Munster HS for taking Munster HS marching band to state in his first year there. Brian Blocker 2012
Aaron Zemelko Col John Wheeler MS Aaron is genuinely interested in the students. He goes the extra mile to help his students learn and become stronger musicians. Tom Reed 2016
Aaron Zemelko CP Taft & Wheeler / MIS (formerly) 1.) Outstanding work with young string players and 2.) maintaining a growing program Jim Deal 2013
Aaron Zemelko CP Taft & Wheeler / MIS (formerly) …of his enthusiasm for teaching and his hard work! Jill Cooke 2014, 2013
Aaron Zemelko CP Taft & Wheeler / MIS (formerly) Aaron’s dedication to the orchestras of Merrillville and his great skill in working with beginners have led to a growth in the program and a high quality of kids Kyle Govert 2011
Brad Zook Northridge HS Excellent music educator. Leadership and commitment to the community. Great role model. David Seel 2016
Brad Zook Northridge HS his first thought is always about giving the kids a good experience. I don't think it's a bad thing that he music is secondary to building relationships with kids. And he does a great job at getting them to perform at a high level. / he dedicates himself fully to his job to make the best experience for the kids, while also getting the best out of them. Bryce Cowe 2014, 2013
Brad Zook Northridge HS insistence on excellence - raising the quality of Northridge to a high level Drew Miller 2013
Brad Zook Northridge HS   David Seel 2010