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buffet conservatory
buffet conservatory

Buffet Conservatoire Oboe

Item #: BC40522
Price: $3,912.00

The new generation of Buffet Crampon student oboes introduces several technical improvements to the line, made with beginners and amateur players specially in mind:

- a new design for the plateau keys providing the same ease and feel as the professional line of Buffet Crampon oboes
- a new ergonomic layout for the spatulas making playing more comfortable for all sizes of hands
- new adjustment screws with large heads, ensuring highly accurate regulation
- new sturdy, long-lasting octave vents

The student line of Buffet Crampon oboes covers the whole range, from instruments specially designed for children to fully equipped models. Standing out among the line’s strong points is a body in African blackwood (Grenadilla) with a resin-lined bore, making the instrument highly crack resistant. This is why Buffet Crampon student oboes are considered the most reliable on the market, and come with a 10-year guarantee against cracks.

  • Pitch : 440 / 443 Hz
  • Body : African Blackwood (Grenadilla), bore resin-lined
  • System : full conservatoire
  • Octave keys : 3, semi-automatic
  • left hand F lever
  • C# trill, double D trill
  • Low B/C# trill
  • Double G# and Eb
  • Keywork finish : silver plated
  • Bell : Bb with resonance key
  • Pads : cork and double skin