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Gigliotti P34 Hard Rubber Clarinet Mouthpiece

Item #: GP34
Price: $120.00

Gigliotti Maestro mouthpiece is the company's flagship product and the ultimate choice of top professional players around the world. It is being played by the clarinetists of such legendary orchestras as the Philadelphia Orchestra, Chicago Symphony orchestra, national Symphony Orchestra, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and many others. This hard rubber mouthpiece has a velvety tone that is dark yet alive, well centered, and able to hold the sound at any dynamic level. It has an even scale, precise intonation, and responsiveness in all registers.

The highlights of this unique patented design are:

BORE The unique, slightly tapered bore produces a full, resonant sound throughout all registers

BAFFLE Carefully developed mold design gives precise control of the shape, crucial to response and tone quality. The gentle curve near the tip improves response, while the deep curve near the throat gives unusual depth and resonance to the sound.

WINDOW A longer, narrower window creates balanced resistance. This eliminates the necessity of using heavy reeds and the problem of a buzz in the sound when playing softly in the low register.

TIP The configuration and dimensions of the tip rail help ease of response and articulation.

THROAT The unique throat configuration has been carefully designed to achieve a well-focused but full, resonant tone.

BEAK The slender beak is designed for unusual comfort of the embouchure.