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Innovative Percussion Inc. Field Series Marching Bass Mallets by Innovative Percussion Inc.

Price: $32.99 - $50.99

The Field Series Marching Bass Drum Mallets again feature our unique and innovative "fulcrum notched" heartwood hickory shaft creating a drumstick-like feel and balance. Graduated in length, these mallets allow players on any size drum to easily achieve good playing technique and beater placement, while affording them better feel, response and rebound. These mallets are constructed with our heartwood hickory for increased durability and extra hard felt heads, with no flat spot, for strong articulation and durability.

The FBX mallets are constructed of heartwood hickory and feature our popular tapered bass drum handles, soft fleece covered felt heads and are perfect for soft marching bass drum passages. 


FB-1, FB-2, FB-3, FB-4, FB-5 Features:
  • Heartwood Hickory Shafts
  • Hard Felt Heads
  • "Fulcrum Notched" Handle
  • Graduated Length
FBX 1-5 - Marching Bass Drum Features:
  • Heartwood Hickory Shafts
  • Hard Felt Heads or Soft Fleece Heads
  • Tapered Handle
  • Graduated Length