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Aebersold Music - Volume 68 / Giant Steps by Aebersold Music

Item #: AEBVOL68
Price: $15.90
Advanced. If you're ready for further challenges, try these slightly more difficult tunes in all 12 keys. Each tune begins with one chorus in the original key, and then moves through the other 11 keys. The tempos are moderate, but the real work-out begins when you start going through the various ""un-common"" keys. This challenging set is for anyone ready to put themselves "through the paces" - the right way!Rhythm Section: Mark Levine (p); Lynn Seaton and Todd Coolman (b); Barry Ries (d)"I use Vol 68 for most of my work. I manage to get through all of the tunes on Vol 68 every day. If I'm not playing in all keys, I feel like I'm wasting time."Willie Thomas - Jazz Trumpet PlayerIncludes: ConfirmationStella By StarlightAll The Things You AreGiant StepsIt's You Or No OneDown & Up