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Aebersold Music - Volume 90 / Odd Times by Aebersold Music

Item #: AEBVOL90
Price: $15.90
Intermediate/Advanced. Featuring "Take Five!" Don't feel uncomfortable every time someone calls a tune in an odd meter. At last, here is a thorough workout in odd time signatures, including 5/4, 6/8, 11/4, and alternating time feels that will give you the confidence and proficiency to perform at your best. Make unusual time signatures feel as natural as 4/4.Rhythm Section: Andy LaVerne (p); John Goldsby (b); John Riley (d) Includes: First StepGirl From IpanemaGuido Rides AgainLatin Minor BluesMajor ScalesMy Favorite ThingsOn Green Dolphin StreetSeven For TwelveShuffle BluesTake Five