Angel 2-Piece Recorder


Angel 2-Piece Recorder

Item #: A111
Price: $5.00


Angel 2-Piece Recorder - The Angel 111 two-piece soprano recorder has been carefully designed for proper resistance to produce low notes easily and have accurate intonation. Consider this recorder for beginning students. Includes a carrying bag, fingering chart and cleaning rod. Angel recorders have become a standard in the classroom due to their reliability, resonant tone, ease-of-play and low cost. This model is made with ABS resin plastic and features the baroque (English) fingering with easy-to-cover tone hole placement.


  • Brown Recorder with Ivory Mouthpiece and Trim
  • Fixed Thumb Rest to Insure Proper, Relaxed Right Hand Position
  • Carrying Bag, Fingering Chart and Cleaning Rod Included.
  • Single Tone Holes for Low C and D
  • Made of ABS Resin Plastic