Antoine Courtois LEGEND 420 Trombone - Haggman Valve


Antoine Courtois LEGEND 420 Trombone - Haggman Valve

Item #: AC420BH10
Price: $4,594.00


Antoine Courtois LEGEND 420 trombones have entirely handmade bells which adapt over time to a musician’s playing. With their elegant and homogenous sound, yellow brass bells provide a nice balance between the various playing parameters which make it the most widely used and widely played alloy in the world. Standard slides with narrow nickel silver inner slides allow for precise playing and sound control at any volume throughout its register.

Traditional rotary valves impose sharp bends in the air column pathway when the F attachment is in use. The famous Swiss instrument maker Rene´ Hagmann invented an original 3-dimensional system in the 1990s which uses smoother angles. This means that the playing feels nearly the same with or without the use of the F attachment. This rotary valve provides excellent playing comfort and homogeneity over the instrument’s entire register as well as great mechanical reliability which professional musicians seek.


Key: Bb with F attachment Handmade bell
Bell diameter: 215 mm (8.46”)
Bore: 13.89 mm (.547”)
Lacquered finish