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Black Lightning Valve Oil - 2oz

Item #: BLV02
Price: $12.95

The latest development in valve oil, Black Lightening is specially formulated for Monel valves.

Black Lightening Valve oil prevents corrosive yellowish green build up common to monel valves. 

Monel has been used for many years on professional instruments, but has made it's way to student  instruments as well. Not only trumpets, but baritones, euphoniums, tubas, and more. This has lead to many players discovering the "Monel Crude". If you play monel pistons, you've seen it. Yellowish green crude that builds up on the surface of the monel.

Black Lightening has been developed to inhibit the development of the dreaded monel crude, by adding anti-oxidants to the oil. Our proprietary formula, when used on a regular basis, will retard and even eliminate the build up so common to monel.

Application of Black Lightening is a bit different from other valve oil as well. Instead of "dripping" the oil onto the valve, you "spray" Black Lightening on onto the piston and into the casing.