Buffet Prestige Bass Clarinet - Low Eb


Buffet Prestige Bass Clarinet - Low Eb

Item #: BC1183-2-0
Price: $10,944.00


The BC1183 Prestige model is perfectly adapted to the experienced amateur and the ensemble musician. Its tone is rich, homogenous and focused.


Key : Bb
Pitch : 440/442 Hz
Body : natural African blackwood
Neck : two-piece adjustable
Bell : silver plated German silver
Tenons : metal-capped
Low G resonance
Eb/Ab lever
Down to Eb
Double register mechanism
Thumb rest : adjustables
Keywork finish : silver plated
Keywork and mecanic : forged keys, copper plated then silver
Springs : blues steel for ease and accuracy of key movement
Pads : leather and cork