Cello Rental


Cello Rental

$99.00 Four Month Introductory Rental Period.*
$35.00 Regular Monthly Payment after End of Introductory Period.*

Do you need a Music Stand? $15.90

A must have for every new beginner! It’s important to develop good habits from day one. This folding music stand helps reinforce proper playing technique and improves breathing by positioning the lesson book at your musician’s optimal height.

Each Startup Kit is custom tailored based on recommendations from your Director, and contains the required book(s) and accessories for your school. Please search for your school or Director to add the items to your cart.

Following the trial period, your monthly payments will be made automatically
by the same method used at checkout.


Musical Opportunity Rent Only Plan Features

  • Introductory Rental Period - Four months for the price of three!
  • All rental payments apply toward the purchase price of a new full-size instrument (except M&R) Up to 40% of the value of the instrument purchased
  • Return Option anytime...no further obligation
  • Extended Maintenance Plan Coverage available upon purchase
  • Exchange for larger size instruments-free pick up and delivery to your school
  • Our Exclusive Musical Opportunity Rental Program provides parents with the best alternatives for a beginning orchestra student
  • To ensure safe delivery of this instrument, our Q&F representative will deliver it to your child's school.


*Introductory rental period and monthly payments above include:

Optional Maintenance and Replacement Coverage
$5.00 per month for Violin and Viola
$6.00 per month for Cello and Bass
...which covers the instrument for all repairs (regardless of extent or
frequency) and replacement if lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair!
Free pick-up and delivery to your school included on a regularly scheduled basis.


How do I know what size of string instrument to rent?

Curious on how to size your student for a proper fit of a string instrument?  Most teachers will measure students prior to any registration process, so be sure to follow their recommendation.  We will also gladly measure your child in one of our stores.  However the guide below is helpful as a general rule too.  If your student grows during the summer or somehow the instrument is not the right size, there is no need to worry.  As part of the string rental program, Q&F will provide your student with the next size at no additional charge.