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Center Pitch Mini Tuner & Metronome

Item #: CP10MINI
Price: $31.99

CenterPitch CP10 Intonation Tool with Metronome. If you are serious about playing in tune and in time, the CenterPitch CP10 with is for you. With support for Pure Tuning, the CP10 is an excellent tool for the beginner or advanced performer. The CP10 attaches easily, firmly and safely to any brass, woodwind and bowed stringed instrument, and is perfect for noisy rehearsal or practice rooms because it "feels" the vibrations and only responds to the instrument in contact with it. CenterPitch is responsive over the entire note range at all dynamic levels, can be set to display notes enharmonically sharp or flat, and transposed for instruments between concert pitch and B-flat, E-flat, F or G.