Scott Duff

Des Plaines District 62

Chippewa Middle School

Terrace, Cumberland, Central, and North Elementary School

Scott Duff, Director


  Welcome to the Chippewa Middle School and Terrace, Cumberland, Central, and North Elementary School Q-page! Here is the place to find everything your child needs to start their musical adventure!

Not sure what you need for band?

 Click on the chalkboard below. This will take you to Des Plaines District 62's Q-store, which is stocked with supplies that Mr. Duff recommends for his students.

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  Let us come to you! Quinlan and Fabish makes participating in band easy for our Des Plaines District 62 customers by sending your order to you. We can ship your order directly to your home, or save the shipping cost and have it delivered to your school by Q&F School Service Representative. This free service saves you a car ride to our store and ensures that your child is fully prepared for class!