Dixon Premium Double Braced Drum Throne - Black


Dixon Premium Double Braced Drum Throne - Black

Item #: PSNK900
Price: $171.99


The most rugged and most comfortable throne offered from Dixon.

All Dixon Thrones feature comfortable padded seats, sturdy tripod seats and double chrome plating. K-Series thrones offer added comfort and extremely rugged durability over standard thrones. K-Series Thrones are for drummers who spend a lot of time behind their kit.


Seat Size 15"
Seat Material Black Cordovan/Vinyl
Shaft Sturdy Threaded Shaft
Shaft Clamp Dixon Patented Open Style Clamp
Leg Specification Double Braced Leg
16 mm width
4 mm thickness
Tube Specification Lower Tube: 1 1/4", 200 mm length
Upper Tube: Threaded Shaft, 320 mm length