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Collapsible Violin Rest - (Fits 1/2 - 4/4)
Collapsible Violin Rest - (Fits 1/2 - 4/4)

Everest Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest - (Fits 1/2 - 4/4) by Everest

Item #: EVEC4
Price: $24.99

This collapsible EVEREST Shoulder Rest is adjustable from 4/4 size to most 1/2 violins. This EVEREST Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest is the only ergonomically designed and patented collapsible shoulder rests that provide the best comfort for all violin players. A safe and robust design that contains NO pinching hazards. Easy storage to your violin cases. Now, also available in five Spring Collection colors.

This model will also fit most fractional size violas including: 12" (1/2 viola), 13" (junior viola) and 14" (intermediate viola).