Everest Full Size Easy Viola Shoulder Rest by Everest


Everest Full Size Easy Viola Shoulder Rest by Everest

Item #: EVEZVA
Price: $22.99


This standard EVEREST Shoulder Rest is our most popular model, fits 15" to 16 1/2" Violas.

EVEREST shoulder rests are designed in the USA and manufactured with the finest material and workmanship. Our shoulder rests were designed by a John's Hopkins' biomedical engineer to overcome the many shortcomings of existing traditional shoulder rests. Other manufacturers, such as KUN, Mach One, Viva la Musica, Bon Musica, and Wolf, all have very good designs, but many players still find them uncomfortable to use. EVEREST Violin and Viola Shoulder Rests are the only ergonomically designed and patented collapsible shoulder rests that provide the best comfort for violin and viola players of all levels.

Viola Sizing

For violas that are 15"-16.5", the Everest EZVA or Everest viols color shoulder rest is adjustabe to a make a perfect fit with your instrument.

For fractional size violas (14" and smaller), use the chart below to order a violin rest that is compatible with your size viola:

Viola Size Similar Violin Size Violin rest to order
14" (intermediate) 4/4 - full size EZ4A
13" (junior) 3/4 size EZ3A
12" (1/2 size) 1/2 size EZ2A
11" 1/4 size EZ1A