Gemeinhardt Silver Plated Open Hole Flute


Gemeinhardt Silver Plated Open Hole Flute

Item #: GEM3B
Price: $729.00


The Gemeinhardt 3B conservatory flute is one of the most popular step-up flutes offered today. The B footjoint creates a longer tube allowing a greater resonance in the flute.  The silver plated body adds durability and visual appeal.  The open holes (French) will help advancing students learn more difficult music while providing more tonal and sound control.


Brand Gemeinhardt
Head Finish Silver-Plated
Head Joint Shape Straight
Head Joint Model J1
Body Finish Silver-Plated
Foot Finish Silver-Plated
Key Finish Silver-Plated
Key Style Open-Hole
Key Arm Style Y-Arm
Inline / Offset Optional Inline or Offset
Foot Joint Options B Foot
Skill Level Student
Case Type Hard-shell Plastic
Case Cover Black Nylon