Grover Large Adjustable Tension Granadillo Castanets


Grover Large Adjustable Tension Granadillo Castanets

Item #: GWC3G
Price: $156.75


Have you been frustrated by having to choose between castanets that sound good-but have no adjustment, and others which have adjustable tension-but lack clarity and richness of sound?

If the answer is YES then our Pro Concert Castanets are for you! Discover the only internal-tension castanets designed for professional percussionists.

Features include:

  • Invisible tension adjustment system
  • Unobtrusive micro-adjust knob, out of the way of grip area
  • Durable spring-steel tensioning mechanism (not elastic)
  • Solid granadillo clappers – UNI-BLOCK construction
  • Comfortable “timpani stick” style handle
  • Free protective covers and case
  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee

These are the best sounding, easiest playing castanets you’ll ever experience! (And YES, you can play redoble rolls…)