Grover Studio Pro Tambourine

t2 studio pro
t2 studio pro

Grover Studio Pro Tambourine

Item #: GRSPT
Price: $98.00


Frankly, we were surprised when we heard that a number of top studio players in LA and Nashville were playing our tambourines on pop and country artists’ hit records. But what really shocked us was to learn that they were cutting the skin heads off the frame! After the shock wore off, we asked for input from in-demand studio musicians like Rich Redmond, Eric Darken, and Craig Kampf. We listened to what they had to say and then went to work. The result is our Studio Pro™ Headless Tambourine.

We learned that the tambourine shell material has a direct and fundamental impact on the sound characteristics of the instrument. It turns out that the same solid hardwood shell and high-quality jingles that we use for our world-renowned concert tambourines is every bit as suitable for a headless model. Not only is this instrument ideal for studio recording, but it has the cut, articulation, and distinctive full-bodied sound for live performances as well.

Features include:

  • Hand-hammered German Silver alloy jingles
  • Dual-width staggered jingle slots
  • Soft rubber comfort edging – protects your hands and the shell
  • 10? diameter durable hardwood shell
  • Grover Pro guarantee of quality

*CTB soft case included


Tambourine Size: 10"
Rows of Jingles: Double
Jingle Material: German Silver
  Phosphor Bronze
  Silver/Bronze Combo