Home Helper for Band: First Lessons at School and at Home


Home Helper for Band: First Lessons at School and at Home

Item #: HHBAND
Price: $5.95 - $7.95


"Thirty-nine percent of the reason beginning instrumental music students succeed or fail can be attributed to adult home help.1"

Unleash the power of adult-guided home practice with Home Helper: First Lessons at School and at Home. Studies indicate that during the first eight weeks of instructions, adults at home "even musically inexperienced adults" can play a critical role in helping to establish correct performance habits and efficient and purposeful home practice. 

The value of the Home Helper is that it gives adults and their students the photos, checklists, and performance models necessary to get started on the right track. 

Intended for use during the critical beginning weeks, this Home Helper – combined with school instruction, daily home practice, and one or two sessions per week of adult home help will launch a lifetime of musical enjoyment and success. 

The Home Helper is available in two convenient formats. 1) The Complete Package includes the book and CD with everything you need at a very reasonable price. 2) The Enhanced CD is for the budget-minded. This version contains the full audio CD plus an electronic version of the book that you can access and print from your home computer. 

The Home Helper is also available as a special package with to Do It! Play in Band method. See page 74 for more details. 

Choose the format that suits your needs. Either way, the Home Helper is simply the best investment you can make in the music education of your student!