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Innovative Percussion Inc. Multi-Percussion Drumsticks & Mallets by Innovative Percussion Inc.

Item #: IPMPDM
Price: $21.99 - $41.99

The IP-1M is designed with the multi-percussionist in mind. This model features our IP-1 General concert snare drum stick, with a hard felt ball attached to the butt-end. The IP-1M is excellent for quick changes between snare drum, concert toms, suspended cymbals, or any other percussion effects.

The IPCC1 is constructed on red oak handles with a brass ring for added weight. One side of the beater head is covered with a felt cover for a soft timbre option.

The General Timpani Series models feature tapered maple handles for ultimate balance and German felt parachute-style covered heads for professional grade sound quality.

The JC-1SC signature model cymbal mallets are designed to the specification of Jim Campbell, Professor of Music and Director of Percussion Studies at University of Kentucky, and Principal Percussionist with the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra. These mallets are constructed with extra large, extra durable rattan, along with weighted rubber cores, resulting in a well balanced mallet that will bring out the true tone and fundamental of suspended cymbals. Jim's mallets are offered in two models of hardness for both articulate passages and rolls, and to accommodate different thickness and diameters of cymbals. The mallets are wrapped with wool yarn for a warm sound with no contact noise.