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Jupiter XO 1032 Single Bore Professional Trombone

Item #: 1032L
Price: $1,819.00

The 1032 trombone is the foremost lead trombone in the XO series. This instrument features a .500" bore design and a beautifully engraved 7.5" yellow brass for maximum resonance and projection. The soldered bell flare wire enhances the power and projection of this proven performer.  The rounded nickel slide crook creates a more open playing experience. To achieve perfect instrument balance, this model also includes a removable 24K gold-plated balancer. The XO 1032 will enrich the performance of the most discriminating player.

All XO series Bb and Bb/F attachment model trombones include a distinctive XO Tourliteā„¢ case with unique backpack design.