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Kolstein Uni-Air Bass Carrier

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Kolstein Uni-Air Bass Carrier


Incredible mobility in a totally secure transport case designed to protect rare treasured instruments against the most abusive commercial handling year after year. New improved composite construction of Kevlar and Vinyl-Ester resins - provide a continual monocoque structural shell, aesthetic to the eye; yet possessing unsurpassed protective strength, with the Kolstein Uni-Air Inflation Air Bag System. Affording musicians the epitome of safety for their valued Bass Violins, and the economy of virtual cost-free transport on board flight, the Kolstein Uni-Air Bass Carrier provides such unique features as gradual thermal dissipation, whereby the carrier will automatically dissipate heat or cold so as not to expose the instrument to potentially damaging extremes in climatic environment. Rubberized gasket and the Kolstein Gold Tone Hygrometer further protect the contents of the Kolstein Carrier against radical climatic conditions. Plush silk lined material covering high density foam interior, in conjunction with four independent suspension systems, fully adjusts to any size Bass Violin, literally air cradling the instrument within against damaging abusive handling. The Kolstein Carrier, truly in a class its own, is the undisputed Bass containerization leader ... preferred internationally by symphonic Bassists, major symphonic orchestras, commercial tour groups ... surpassing exacting requirements of the Airlines and all U.S. Military musical organizations.


  • New Monocoque Kevlar/Vinyl-Ester construction providing a continual structural shell. Light gray exterior color. Custom colors available.
  • Unique Kolstein Uni Strap Adjustable Suspension System with the Kolstein Uni-Air Inflation System and relief valve affords maximum protective safety during potentially or abusive handling.
  • All durable nylon webbing and leather strapping with rubber cushion backing.
  • Wide stance uni-body construction for added stability in the upright loading storage position.
  • Thermal dissipation, weatherproof gasket, and "Gold Tone" Hygrometer.
  • Spring loaded handles located at all strategic points which lay flush to case while not in use.
  • Silk black plush material lined high density foam interior containing full wardrobe area, hard shell bow case storage facility and removable Kolstein Tote Bag.
  • Back Suspension Foam Pad System with the Uni-Air Bags and four independent suspension systems, which "air suspend" the Bass to protect against rough handling.
  • Heavy duty hardware for minimum maintenance with vulcanized rubber skidding at all critical protective points.
  • Fully adjustable for all sized Basses, inclusive of low C-string extension.
  • Protective padded bow holders to accommodate four bass bows and soft padded Bass cover.
  • Self contained dual wheel system handled by one person.
  • Approximate weight 70 lbs.

Now The Kolstein Uni-Air Bass Carrier Is Available In The New "Airline Friendly" Design 

The New KU8001 Model Kolstein Uni-Air Bass Carrier is a mere 64 Lbs and has a redesigned height of 77 inches.... well within the restrictions of most major airlines. The standard KU8000 Kolstein Uni-Air Bass Carrier will fit all sized basses.
The New KU8001 Model Uni-Air Bass Carrier will fit most Basses with a restriction of 76 inches (from the top of scroll to the endpin). 



Kolstein Uni-Air Bass Carrier Rental Rates

Daily $18.00
Weekly $112.00
Monthly $425.00


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