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Clarinet Month in Fort Wayne!____

This month we are lucky to have Buffet Artist, Shawn Copeland, coming to Fort Wayne to present a masterclass! The event will be April 23 from 5:30-7 p.m. We will have a variety of clarinets to try and purchase, as well as a selection of clarinet accessories. Anyone who pre-registers by April 15, will recieve a free reed sampler!

Now through the end of the month, we will have specials on a large selection of intermediate-professional clarinets!! Brands include Buffet, Backun, Yamaha, and Selmer!




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Local News____________________________

The Fort Wayne Youth Philharmonic will be having auditions for their upcoming season! This is a great ensemble for students looking to further their musical experience, and collaborate with some of the best musicians in the area!

Auditions for all new Junior Strings and Youth Symphony members will be April 30, May 1, & May 2.

More information can be found at


Did you know??________________________

Clarinet mouthpieces come in a varitey of styles! All mouthpieces are created in 3 basic styles with different facings. The Facing is the amount the mothpiece curves away from the reed. 

1) Close Facing : most responive, typically brighter in sound, use harder reeds

2) Medium Facing : responive, full sound, use medium reeds

3) Open Facing : full sound, darker tone, use lighter reeds

Every player has a preference, so come into any Quinlan and Fabish and find the mouthpiece that best fits you!!


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