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What is our OPUS24 Program?

Our rental program not only gives students quality instruments to learn on at low and affordable payments, but also builds equity for you to use later toward the instrument of your dreams.

Q&F's exclusive Opus24 program makes taking your next step easy and affordable with 24 equal payments with NO INTEREST! Pick out an instrument, bow, and case and receive up to 40% off your Opus24 package when you redeem your rental credit.

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"Making Virtuosity Affordable"





Privilége (PF) $59/mo

This excellent top of the range student flute gives the new player complete tonal flexibility combined with high quality mechanism and set-up.

Silver-plated headjoint tube, silver-plated body and footjoint with French-style pointed key arm mechanism.

Click here to purchase the Trevor James Privilége Flute for $895.00

Cantabile (CF) $99/mo

The ideal ‘Step-up’ or 'Upgrade' flute for the established flute player who wishes to add a precious metal element on to their instrument to fully explore the vast tonal possibilitiesOptions also includes the 925 silver headjoint with wooden lip and riser and also complete wooden headjoint.

The TJ Cantabile flute has 925 silver headjoint, silver-plated body, footjoint tube and silver-plated French style pointed key arm mechanism and two headjoint crowns. 

Click here to purchase the Trevor James Cantabile Flute for $1495.00


Virtuoso (VF) $159/mo


Silver tube flute with a wide array of headjoint options and additional features. The 925 silver tube Virtuoso flute is designed for the serious flute player who requires a colourful, deep timbre with a wide tonal range.  Also available with a Grenadilla wooden lip and complete wooden head options.  

A stunning flute with 925 silver headjoint, body and footjoint tube with silver-plated French style pointed key arm mechanism and two headjoint crowns as standard.

Click here to purchase the Trevor James Virtuoso flute for $2495.00


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