Nikolaus Bero Star Cello


Nikolaus Bero Star Cello

Item #: NBVCS
Price: $6,750.00


The Nikolaus Bero STAR cello is popular among our more advanced players.  The fine heavy antiquing of medium-brown varnish over a golden base gives them a look of being aged over time. Sweet tone, yet with big projection.  Good amount of tonal complexity.  Clear with projection in high and low registers.  An amazing value!  Beautiful tonewoods used!
Larsen A
Larsen D
Spirocore Silver G
Spirocore Silver C
Belgian style Superior or Deluxe Cello Bridge
Endpin EP744
Swiss Style Pegs


Pegs Ebony
Bridge Maple
Fingerboard Ebony
Strings Larsen A,D / Spirocore C,G
Finish Spirit varnish
Fine Tuners 1
Tail Piece Ebony
Hand carved Yes


Opus 24


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