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Q&F Sponsoring Kane County Institute Day


From the appearance of the National Standards in Music to the recent National Core Arts Standards, teachers have been asking: "How can I teach more comprehensively? How can I demonstrate to administrators and parents, in a language they can understand, a curriculum with clear outcomes that are not only skill-based but include critical and creative thinking, a wide range of knowledge, and a strong affective dimension? And how can I actually plan, teach and assess all of this and still prepare students for high quality performances?" Created by Wisconsin teachers in 1977, Comprehensive Musicianship through Performance (CMP) has been helping teachers choose quality repertoire, focus their outcomes, develop strategy-enriched rehearsals and create meaningful assessments. It is not a curriculum or methodology, but a model for teacher planning that puts students at the center and works for any music teacher, regardless of grade level, background, or school setting. It is both philosophical and practical, and over the last several decades has proven to be transformative for both veteran teachers and novices.

This program will address General Music, Band, Choir and Orchestra teaching using the CMP Model. After a quick CMP overview, people new to CMP will attend a demo presented by a master teacher.  For those who attended the Kane County Institute Day in 2015 or 2016 (or even one of our full CMP Workshops), this day will offer new material and the opportunity to expand your knowledge and potential applications, specifically focusing on the area of music selection and analysis.

The session will provide an overview of the CMP model along with personal stories relative to the potential for success of students and teachers. Specific "Demo" sessions will put a CMP plan into action, with participants playing the role of a student ensemble over a multi-week rehearsal sequence focusing on Analysis, Outcomes, Strategies and Assessment. Sessions will also highlight helpful connections with the Danielson model. Repertoire sessions will examine literature, focusing on Music Selection. Participants will also learn of how to further sharpen their skills and knowledge of the CMP model at full length CMP workshops.

The event, sponsored by Quinlan & Fabish Music Company, will be hosted by the Kane County Regional Office of Education at Geneva High School.  Registration opens on February 1, 2017.  Please visit the Kane County ROE website to register