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ReedGeek Klangbogen
ReedGeek Klangbogen

ReedGeek Klangbogen by ReedGeek

Price: $85.00 $65.00
The newly updated ReedGeek® Klangbogen is the latest innovative product offering from ReedGeek ®, Inc. Originally conceived by German artisan and ReedGeek ® team member, Torsten “Toko” Köhler & ReedGeek perfected, the Klangbogen™ instantly increases output and depth of tone of the saxophone while stabilizing the extreme ranges of the horn so it speaks with clarity. This allows the player to achieve a rich saxophone sound with great forward projection and point (focus) to the sound. The Klangbogen™, with our custom-secure resonance pins, now employs three distinct metallurgical finishes that give various sound response and feel. This beautifully crafted brass bow, attaches to the lyre holder supporting the neck tenon-socket region of the instrument, which historically suffers tremendous nodal disturbances. Two pin Set now included