Why have your instrument repaired at Q&F?



Decades of craftsmansip, experience and expertise

Majority of our technicians hold technical degrees and all have inudstry leading instrument repair training in their respective disciplines.  Many of our repair staff are also members of the North American Professional Band Instrument Repair technicians's guild. 

Members of our staff also regulary present at training seminars and take additional training courses as new ideas and methods are introduced into the field.


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Convenient pickup from your student's school and 8 locations to serve you

Quinlan and Fabish operates 5 repair shops across its territory.  These facilities offer brass, woodwind, percussion and string repairs. All 8 of our locations are able to assist you in checking in your instrument for repair and having it serviced at one of our qualfied repair centers.

For most schools in our service area, we offer weekly pickup and delivery of instruments needing service as well as accessories that you order online, by phone or through the order forms.  This allows you to save time and money by having us do all of the transportation!

If you would like to request your instrument to be picked up for repair, please fill out the form found here.


Environmentally friendly cleaning


Here at Q&F, we have made a decision to become better eco-citizens and have put a policy in place to utilize the latest advances in industrial cleaning.  At all of our repair centers, we have invested in state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning machines.  

These machines utilize high-frequency sound waves and a mild detergent to blast away grime and gunk from metal instruments and parts.  This process is not only eco-conscious but it also is much safer for your instrument by not utilizing the corrosive cleaning chemicals from years past.

Interested in how this process works?  You can read more here (courtesy of Wikipedia).