S.E. Shires Chicago Model Tenor Trombone

Shires Chicago with Rotor
Shires Chicago with Rotor

S.E. Shires Chicago Model Tenor Trombone

Price: $5,090.00




The S.E. Shires Chicago model trombone was designed with the famed Chicago low brass sound in mind. The one-piece, gold-brass bell with a large TII taper produces a rich, broad, complex sound that allows for a wide range of colors at different dynamics. The lightweight nickel-silver handslide produces clear, brilliant articulations. With this instrument, S.E. Shires has created a trombone that plays with incredible stability, and produces a consistent timbre and even response throughout a wide spectrum of range and dynamic—an instrument that captures the best qualities of the Chicago low brass sound.


  • CHI Bell: 8.5 inch, one piece, hand-hammered “TII” taper in balanced medium-weight gold brass with traditionally brazed seam and soldered bead
  • S.E. Shires dual bore rotor
  • TX Tuning Slide: “X” Taper, drawn yellow brass
  • TB47NLW Handslide: .547" bore, lightweight nickel silver, nickel-silver bass crook
  • Three interchangeable yellow-brass leadpipes
  • S.E. Shires case and mouthpiece