S.E. Shires Ralph Sauer Model Tenor Trombone with Dual Bore Rotor

Shires Elkhart
Shires Elkhart

S.E. Shires Ralph Sauer Model Tenor Trombone with Dual Bore Rotor

Price: $5,195.00


The Ralph Sauer Artist Trombone was developed through a close collaboration between Ralph Sauer and the craftsmen of S. E. Shires. The resulting instrument is genuinely unique and includes several specific design elements not found on any other S.E. Shires trombone. The screw-bell collar enhances projection and allows use of a flat case that fits easily into overhead compartments on smaller aircraft. A new, smaller diameter, dual-bore rotary valve is fast and lightweight, and maintains the bore’s cross-sectional area through the valve. Its dual-bore slide (.525/ .547 inch) produces a large-bore sound with a medium-bore effort, while the available .547" single-bore slide lends a more open feel. For the standard .525/547-inch handslide, leadpipes are available for both large and small shank mouthpieces.


  • RS Bell: 8.5 inch, one-piece construction, screw bell (removable flare), hand-hammered, in balanced lightweight red brass with traditionally brazed seam and soldered bead
  • S.E. Shires dual bore rotor
  • TY Tuning Slide: yellow brass, drawn tubing
  • T25-47 Handslide: .525/.547-inch dual bore, standard weight yellow brass, nickel-silver crook
  • M-RS & MT-RS yellow-brass leadpipes for use with small (M) and large-shank (MT) mouthpieces
  • S.E. Shires detachable-flare case and mouthpiece