Buying a new instrument is an exciting experience for every musician, but it can also seem daunting and even frustrating. With so many different options, it's difficult to know which instrument is going to help take your playing to the next level. Even after you've decided on your top choices, finding a place where you can try them is sometimes more difficult than it should be.

Quinlan and Fabish Music Company is proud to be a Shokunin Select Dealer. We have an outstanding inventory of Yamaha Intermediate, Professional, and Custom level instruments at all times in our Shokunin Showroom at Q&F Arlington Heights (59 W. Seegers Rd., Arlington Heights, IL). Our Shokunin staff has been specially trained to provide you with the highest level of knowledge and customer service to help you reach your highest musical potential.

Our Shokunin Showroom is located at:

Q&F Arlington Heights, 59 W. Seegers Rd., Arlington Heights, IL 60005