2014 "Join The" Poster Contest

Let your voice be heard!  Vote for your favorite "Join the Band" and "Join the Orchestra" poster.  The winner in both categories will be featured in area school during the fall start!

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A_Skey_Band1 KT Ondre_Subr_11 Poster11
A. S. - Kingsley Elem. K. T. - Northridge Prep O. S. - Westbrook J. N. - Mark Twain Elem.
Poster_21 Poster31 Poster41 Join_the_Band1
A. C. - Mark Twain Elem. K. R. - Mark Twain Elem. N. K. - Mark Twain Elem. E. R. - S.E. Gross M.S.
Cimack1 IMG_89011 winkelman1 JFavela1
A. C. - Lincoln D57 B. M. - Waubonsie B. W. - House J. F. - WA Johnson
IFavela1 joi1 Marshall-21 June_2014_0251
I. F. - WA Johnson E. H. - Haines M.S. L. M. - Crestivew M.S. W. B. - LaSalle Int. Acad.
image1 Mishawaka__Tim_Stewart1 Mishawaka_Ben_Stewart1 Mishawaka_Gracen_Stewart1
A. E. - Homer JHS T. S. - Home B. S. - Home G. S. - Home
JOIN_BAND1 Annalee_Cvelbar Band_Poster1 IMG_34291
J. W. - Maple School A. C. - Ben Franklin M.S. M. M. - St. Laurence H.S. A. K. - Winkelman Elem.
Olivia_Pitman_2014b1 Peppy_Pitman_20141 Sofia_Vianna_20141 Olivia_Pitman_2014a3
O. P. - Lincoln Elem. P. P. - Nichols M.S. S. V. - Medianeira School O.P. - Lincoln Elem.


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20140606_0844041 20140606_0843461 20140606_0843331 20140606_0843211
C.B. - Algonquin M.S. X. L. H. - Algonquin M.S. A. M. - Algonquin M.S. P. S. - Algonquin M.S.
20140606_0843081 20140606_0842501 20140606_0842401 20140606_0842281
C. V. - Algonquin M.S. A. M. - Algonquin M.S. K.S. - Algonquin M.S. C. M. - Algonquin M.S.
20140606_0842121 poster_contest1 IMG_16851 Ondre_Subr_21
H. L. - Algonquin M.S. D. - Wredling M.S. M. K. - Mill Creek North M.S. O.S. - Westbrook
torres_orch_poster1 Abbi_Orchestra1 vivianaposter1 annabella_poster1
M.T. - Fegely M.S. A. G. - Discovery M.S. V. S. - Indian Trial JHS A. S. - Stone School
Olivia_Pitman_2014b1 Peppy_Pitman_20143    
O.P. - Lincoln Elem. P.P. - Nichols M.S.