Yamaha Professional Rotary Valve BBb Tuba


Yamaha Professional Rotary Valve BBb Tuba

Item #: YBB641
Price: $9,853.00


The Yamaha 641 professional BBb tuba features a rotary valve configuration for a traditional Teutonic sound with the kind of precise intonation and easy playability only made possible by modern engineering expertise. It is characterized by a warm dark sound with an abundance of tonal colors.

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Hand-lapped rotary valves
Hand-lapping is a time-consuming finishing process which results in superior valve fit for noiseless, responsive action and easy tone changes.

Hand-lapped slides
Hand-lapping achieves the perfect balance between airtightness and smooth action.

Nickel-silver spatula keys
Carefully positioned nickel-silver spatula keys are strong and are capable of comfortable fast fingering.

Ball joints for rotary valve levers
The Yamaha-developed ball joints for the rotary valve levers are durable, yet achieve silent operation and light action.

The long leadpipe contributes to a beautiful, dark, smooth tone which blends well with other instruments.

Tuning slide position
The careful positioning of the tuning slide makes it easier to adjust the slides while playing.


Level Professional Tuba
Key of BBb
Size 4/4
Bore 0.812"
Bell Diameter 16 1/2" upright bell
Leadpipe Material Gold Brass
Body/ Bell Material Yellow Brass
Finish Clear Epoxy Lacquer
Mouthpiece YAC BB67C4
Valves 4 Rotary Valves
Case BBC-62