Yamaha Silent Bass with Compact Frame


Yamaha Silent Bass with Compact Frame

Item #: SVB200SK
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Yamaha's Silent Bass series offers bassists a choice of two models, both of which feature body and pickup systems deigned to bring out the best tone from each instrument. The SVB-200 is a performance-oriented bass designed with a light and compact body that makes transport to and from the gig simple & easy. The hollow-body design and special internally mounted pickup system deliver pizzicatos which are solid, rich and realistic, and fit naturally into any jazz or pop setting. Built-in electronics offer plug-and-play simplicity and the detachable frame gives the instrument a feel and playability close to that of an acoustic bass.


Convenient Portability
The SV-200 features a detachable frame that provides excellent support and comfort when playing but are easily removed for transport. The SVB-200 is designed to break down and fit into a compact case which can be carried comfortably using a shoulder strap.

Volume, Treble and Bass controls on the SVB-200 provide straightforward control over the instrument's tone while its active electronics offer plug-and-play operation without the need for external pre-amplification.


eck Maple
Body Spruce & Mahogany
Fingerboard Ebony
Bridge Maple (Height Adjustable)
Frame Beechwood (Detachable)
Tuning Pegs Custom Worm Gear Type
Tailpiece Ebony (Reverse Type)
Strings D'Addario™ Pizzicato
String Length 41" (1,040mm)
Sensors Piezo
Electric Controls Volume, Treble, Bass
Power supply 1 X 9-volt battery
Battery Life Manganese battery: 12 hours (approx.); Alkaline battery: 24 hours (approx.)
Weight 15 lbs. 14oz. (7.2 kg)