Yamaha Silent Practice Plus™ Violin by Yamaha


Yamaha Silent Practice Plus™ Violin by Yamaha

Item #: SV150
Price: $1,120.00


  • New body design has extra-light, natural feel
  • Built-in digital metronome and tuner
  • 24 on-board adjustable effects
  • SD card to play your audio files (mp3, MIDI, m4a)
  • Speed up, slow down any audio file to play along
  • Comes with Music Book & mp3 tracks
  • Available in brown, black sparkle, wine red

    *SV-200K comes with instrument only

    Meet the next generation of electric stringed instruments! The Silent Practice Plus™ violin offers players the most sophisticated features in an electric stringed instrument. The new SV-150 Silent Practice Plus Violin™ takes practice to an entirely new level with its new-concept control box featuring digital tuner, digital metronome and more than 20 digital sound effects. Effects include reverb, distortion and vibrato. An SD card player makes it possible to play along with your favorite recorded tracks in mp3, m4a, wav, and MIDI file formats. The music player can slow down to 50% or speed up to 150% of the original track speed, maintaining the same pitch. Download any tracks to the SD card and play along to anything, anytime.


    Lightweight Design
    The most comfortable, lightweight Silent Violin available. At only 14oz, the violin feels like a traditional acoustic violin.

    Music Player
    Control box contains an SD-card file player with mp3, m4a, wav and MIDI files. Pre-loaded SD card features basic tunes, but download any files from your computer, and play anything, anywhere. Sheet music book included.

    Comes with more than 24 digital preset effects for the violin. Includes reverb, distortion, auto-wah, phlanger, octave, and much more. Parameters (depth, speed, etc.) for each effect can be digitally adjusted in the control box.

    Digital Metronome
    High quality digital metronome with backlight screen. Features subdivided settings and volume control.

    1/8" size jack inputs to Control box. Control box has 1/8 size outputs to headphones or small speakers.

    Tuning adjusters
    Standard ebony pegs and a Wittner™ tailpiece with 4 embedded fine tuners.


    Instrument Size 4/4
    Neck Maple
    Body Spruce
    Fingerboard/ Pegs Ebony
    Bridge Maple (Aubert™)
    Side Body/ Chin Rest/ Tailpiece Molded plastic
    Tuning Adjusters Wittner™ Ultra
    Strings D'Addario™ Helicore
    Sensor Piezo
    Electronic controls Control box for Music Player, Metronome, Effects and Line Out
    In/Out Jacks Headphone Out; Line Out (speakers)
    Power supply Two AA batteries or AC adapter
    Body color options Brown, Black Sparkle, Wine Red