Yamaha Standard Series Tuba Mouthpiece by Yamaha

yamaha tuba mouthpiece
yamaha tuba mouthpiece

Yamaha Standard Series Tuba Mouthpiece by Yamaha

Price: $65.99


Produced using the most advanced computer design and manufacturing technology, our Standard Series mouthpieces feature unmatched precision, smooth attack, secure control, and easy playability. They have the ideal weight for all-around usage and are available in over 100 configurations. There’s a Yamaha mouthpiece to suit every player.


Model No. Rim Inner Diameter (mm) Throat
BB64 30.45 8.35 Small inner rim diameter with a medium cup. An ideal beginner's model for young players. Well-balanced rim configuration for flexibility and easy playability.
BB65 30.95 8.35 Relatively small inner rim diameter and medium cup volume for easy playability. Excellent balance throughout the instrument's range, with a fairly dark tone.
BB66 31.37 8.35 Voluminous cup. Fairly dark tone with plenty of power. Excellent resonance and clarity. Popular in ensembles and orchestras.
BB66B 31.37 8.35 Shallower cup than the 66. Outstanding playability and flexibility. Fairly bright tone and facile response over a wide range.
BB66D4 31.49 8.87 Excellent matching with Eb brass band instruments. Very deep cup. Dark tone with plenty of volume. Symphonic sound.
BB67 31.93 8.35 Exceptional rim and cup balance for easy playability. Good match for Bb, C, and Eb instruments. Well-centered tone.
BB67B4 32.06 7.02 Large inner rim diameter with a shallow cup. Easy playability with a bright tone. Particularly easy high notes and clear lows. Perfect for F instruments.
BB67C4 32.06 8.10 A perfect match for Bb and C instruments. All-around versatility. Smooth, mellow tone throughout the instrument's range. Plenty of volume and power.
BB68B 32.72 7.50 Large inner rim diameter with a small cup volume and throat. Enhanced clarity in large Bb and C tubas.