Yamaha Studio Acoustic-body Silent Cello-Full Frame


Yamaha Studio Acoustic-body Silent Cello-Full Frame

Item #: SVC110SK
Price: $3,595.00 $2,515.00


The Yamaha SVC-110SK features ebony pegs for easy tuning, full wood frame for optimal sound and tonal production, spruce and maple wood construction and comes with a bag.


Resonating Chamber
The SVC-110 features a newly designed resonating chamber, producing warm, full-bodied tone with natural characteristics and nuances found in any acoustic cello.

The Silent Cello is equipped with Aux-In, Line Out and Headphone Jacks. Connect a CD player, MD player or cassette deck to the input jack to play along with your favorite recordings. This is an extremely useful feature when practicing. With the output jack connected to a P.A., or external audio system, you can perform live, or use the internal reverb to hear yourself in different virtual performance environments.

Built-in Reverb
Three onboard reverb presets simulate the acoustics of a practice room, recital hall, or cathedral.

Feels, plays, and sounds like a traditional cello, making transition to and from an acoustic cello intuitively natural. Lightweight and very easy to transport.


Body Spruce
Neck Maple
Fingerboard Ebony
Pegs Ebony
Tailpiece Wittnerâ„¢ Ultra
Bridge Maple (Aubert)
Instrument Size 4/4
Sensor Piezo
Electric Controls Volume, Aux-In volume, Reverb switch
In/Out Jacks Headphone Out, Line Out, Aux-In
Power Supply 2 x AA batteries or AC adapter (optional)
Strings D'Addarioâ„¢ Helicore
Standard Accessories Soft case; headphones; auxiliary cable; chest support; 2 x AA batteries