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Frequently Asked Questions

All rentals begin with a 4 month introductory period.

For band instrument rentals, all rental payments apply toward the purchase price of your instrument (except M&R).

For orchestra instrument rentals, all rental payments (except M&R) apply toward the purchase price of a new full-size instrument up to 40% of the value of the instrument selected.

Maintenance and Replacement Coverage (M&R) which covers the instrument for all repairs (regardless of extent or frequency) and replacement if lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair. For a video overview of M&R, please visit: https://www.qandf.com/mandr

You can pay off your band instrument rental anytime and receive a 25% discount on the remaining balance.

The duration of your rental agreement depends on a few factors: - If you have a band instrument rental agreement, your instrument is rent-to-own. Monthly payments will continue until the instrument is either paid off or you return the instrument. The purchase price of the individual rental instruments is listed on your rental agreement and varies by instrument, brand, and condition. - If you have an orchestra rental agreement, your agreement will continue until you return the instrument or you move to an advanced string instrument when your student is ready to advance. This plan allows for flexibility to change sizes frequently as your student grows.

We are always happy to help measure your student in one of our store locations (QandF.com/locations) OR you can measure at home using our helpful guide found at QandF.com/stringsizing