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High Grove – Corporate Headquarters

George Quinlan, Jr. – CEO/School Service Representative
Cheryl Quinlan – CFO
Marsha Orwig – CIO/Vice President of Operations
Jane Turner – Vice President of Accounting
Donna Ogburn – Manager of Payroll
Ray Ostwald – String Specialist
Travis Rosenthal – Marketing Manager
Paige Quinlan - Special Projects

Burr Ridge Location

Customer Service
Jenn Clark – Customer Service Manager/ Windy City Flutes Product Specialist
Rick Andersen – Call Center Customer Service
Jude Skallerup – Call Center Customer Service
Letty Elias – Call Center Customer Service
Cindy Loest – Customer Service Representative
Stephanie Henriques - Assistant Manager
Nicole Leaich - Customer Service Representative
Liam Sheehy - Customer Service Representative
Sue Ambrose – Customer Service Representative

School Service Representatives
Matt Jackson – School Service Representative
Pete Biedron - School Service Representative
Ashley Dowdle – School Service Representative
Tom Gloodt – School Service Representative
Matt Janus – School Service Representative
Greg Johnson – School Service Representative
Mike Leaich – School Service Representative
Sean Les – School Service Representative
Paul Ramsaier – School Service Representative
Amanda Riley – School Service Representative

Store Operations
Ken Partyka – Vice President - Inventory, Purchasing & Distribution
Chris Crisanti – Assistant Manager of Logistics
Sam Tranchida - Assistant Manager of Inventory & Rental Distribution
Kevin Brown - Assistant Manager of Purchasing/ Windy City Trombones Product Specialist
Jack Finnegan – Purchasing
John Jozwiak – Logistics and Inventory

Accounting Division
James Newton – Controller
Mary Lou Nowosad – Credit (Spanish Customer Service)
Rob Glosa – Senior Accounts Receivables
Arletta Donato – Repair Billing Specialist
Karen Cook - Accounts Payable
Kenneth Pochocki – Accounting Clerk
Claire Offermann – Accounting Clerk

Manuel Melendez – Manager of Repair Shop
Piotr Pawlikowski – Assistant Shop Foreman - Strings
Marcial Bustamante – Repair Tech
Carlos Casteneda - Junior Repair Tech
Mark Colpean – Repair Tech - Brass
William Garcia – Repair Tech - Woodwind
Dan Harrison – Repair Tech – Strings
Jon Huron– Repair Tech - Woodwind/Brass - Daily Operations Sub
Ryan Iadanza – Repair Tech – Woodwind
James Jansen - Repair Tech
Matthew Johnson - Repair Tech - Brass
Bob Lamkin – Repair Tech - Woodwind
Camb Little – Repair Tech
Mathew Lucante – Repair Tech – Strings
Lydia Mackey - Repair Tech - Woodwinds
Maria Miranda - Junior String Technician
Daniel Pawlikowski - Repair Tech
John Plate - Repair Tech
Mason Reidel - Repair Tech
Russell Schneider – Repair Tech - Woodwind
Annaliese Siegel – Repair Tech
Richard Stancato – Repair Tech - String
Chad Taylor - Repair Tech - Woodwinds
Sarah VanSkike - Repair Tech - Woodwinds
Hannah Wilger - Repair Tech
Kendra Zusag – Repair Tech - String

Arlington Heights Location

Customer Service
Jesica Woody – Store Manager
Luyang Liu – Customer Service Representative
Hannah Kaspar – Customer Service Representative
Nate Wollerman – Customer Service Representative
Andrew Hodson – Customer Service Representative

School Service Representatives
Mary Garbrecht – School Service Representative
Robert Scott – School Service Representative


Scott Gauthier - Shop Manager
John Niemiec – Repair Tech - Woodwind
Ryan Shultz – Repair Tech - Brass
Eun Seok Seo - Repair Tech
Brian Roberts - Repair Tech
Elise Piecuch-  Repair Tech
Stephanie Hanan – Repair Tech

Montgomery Location

Mike Edwards – Store Manager
Marcus Petrella – Customer Service Representative
Jacob Curless – Customer Service Representative
Michael Barrera – Customer Service Representative

Valparaiso Location

Customer Service
Sadie Chrismer - Customer Service Manager
Fran Gleason - Customer Service Representative
Dillon Daniels - Customer Service Representative
Casi Halliar – Customer Service Representative

Corporate Staff
Steve Rehlander – Regional Manager (Indiana/Michigan)

School Service Representatives
Steve Rehlander – School Service Representative
Phil Brown - School Service Representative

Rod Myers – Repair Shop Manager/Site Manager
Bonnie Abbott – Repair Tech Brass/Woodwind
Chris Linstrot – Assistant Manager – Valparaiso Repair
Rod Myers, Jr. - Repair Tech
Angela Handshoe - Repair Tech
Christopher Bell – Repair Tech
Robert Bolt – Repair Tech
Scott Francis – Repair Tech


Lafayette Location

Customer Service
Abby Thiel  – Site Manager/School Service Representative
Alex Karker - Customer Service Representative  
Isaac Warren – Customer Service Representative

Mishawaka Location

Customer Service
Kristi Noble – Customer Service Manager
Adam Karnik – Assistant Manager
Anne Tschetter - String Specialist  
James Farnsworth - Customer Service Representative
MacKenzi Lowry - Customer Service Representative  
Zach Arthur – Customer Service Representative

School Service Representatives
Lloyd Kirkpatrick – School Service Representative
Morgan Sleeper - School Service Representative

Kevin Rouch – Site Manager/Director of Quality Control - String Instruments/Shop Foreman
Mark Dill – Repair Tech - Strings
Jim Ruggles – Assistant Manager – Mishawaka Repair
James Grubbs - Repair Tech
Daniel Lopez - Repair Tech
Aaron Fram - Repair Tech
Joel Wells – Repair Tech
Andrew Nowicki – Repair Tech – Strings
Madison Harley – Repair Apprentice

Muncie Location

Customer Service
Dave Lamirand – Site Manager
Amanda Sager – Customer Service Representative
Tim Carney – Customer Service Representative
Gavin Kidder - Assistant Customer Service Manager
Jalen Reese – Customer Service Representative
Thomas Gosler – Customer Service Representative

School Service Representatives
Brandon Holloway – School Service Representative
Jared Green – School Service Representative

Paul Berger - Repair Tech
Doug Lamison - Repair Tech


Fort Wayne Location

Customer Service
Kayla Carver – Assistant Customer Service Manager
Azriel Aurelius – Customer Service Representative

School Service Representatives
Scott Butler – Central Indiana Regional Manager/School Service Representative
Neil Schroeder – Customer Service/Site Manager, School Service Representative

Brandon Riggle – Woodwind/Brass Technician
Mark Butler – Repair Tech
William Knoll – Repair Tech

Stevensville Location

Customer Service
Mike Hoge – Store Manager
Stephanie Karnik – Customer Service Representative
Glenn McFarland – Customer Service Representative

School Service Representatives
Rick Gordillo – School Service Representative