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What is Opus 24, and what is the saturation point?

Our rental program is designed to offer flexibility to change sizes as a student grows physically and in musical capabilities. Coupled with our M&R (Maintenance and Replacement Coverage), the rental program also offers peace of mind for broken strings and instrument maintenance. As your student advances, or reaches what we call the Saturation Point (detailed in the video below), we offer the Opus 24 Program where you can own a performance-level (more advanced) instrument in just 24 equal monthly payments. Packages can be tailored individually to meet the needs of your student. We also proudly offer the Opus 24 Select program that is a hand-selected line up of packages designed to offer the best in affordability and playability. These packages extend the max 40% discount to our current renters regardless of their accrued rental discount. Ready to step up your student's string instrument?