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Conn - Christian Lindberg Trombone Mouthpiece

Christian Lindberg designed his mouthpieces between 1989 and 1998. For nine years he was experimenting with a completely new idea about how a mouthpiece should be built: Important for Lindberg was to get an even register all over the instrument, and this could ONLY be achieved with an even outside shape! This was all tested by Lindberg in blind tests together with his father in law Bela Tarrodi between 1989 and 1991. Once the outer shape was set, the next challenge was the flexibility. Lindberg felt that mouthpieces in general had too thick rim, which locked the muscles and prevented him from changing registers in a satisfactory way. After testing (1991-93) he noticed that a thinner rim were radically improving flexibility, and found an ideal shape, not so thin that it hurt the lip, but thin enough to give the flexibility that he needed. Big mouthpieces has become such a fashion, that you today sometimes hear great professional trombonists having problems with endurance and high playing. Even in such a relatively simple tune such as Ravel´s Bolero, principal trombonists gets into trouble. When Bolero was written, the mouthpieces in general had a much smaller outside rim, which made it so much easier in the high register! Now, at that time we could also hear pretty nasty low notes on the trombone...a result from too small mouthpieces....Lindberg found the way(93-96): Having a thinner rim and a deeper cup, one can achieve both brilliant high register and full pedal E-flats! Finally, something that had bothered Lindberg for years was the fact that so many trombone players have problems with attacks in the soft register. After years of testing back and forwards, Lindberg noticed that a sharper inner rim helped the lip to find the accurate place for contact! The result: Safer attacks(Listen to Lindberg´s recording of Weber Romance!!) Finally, the great thing about a CL mouthpiece is that you can alter between the sizes!! The rims are almost identical, which makes it possible to switch easily between such great differences as the 2 CL and the 15 CL(Listen to Lindberg´s recording of Pictures at an Exhibition!!!!).
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