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These specialized services are available by estimate only.


Your instrument will be cleaned and flushed using on of our "green" Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks.  Our tanks use high frequency sound waves that compress and expand throught the instrument.  These waves create a scrubbing cleaning action, resulting in a friendly safe way to clean your instrument without the need of harsh chemicals.  This process includes disassembly of your instrument, thorough cleaning of the inside and outside, installation of new corks, felts, necessary springs and cleaning of slides and valves.  Minor dent work is also included. 

Lacquer Tenor Trombone      $80*

Silver Trombone      $100*

Lacquer Bb/F Trombone      $90*

Silver Bb/F Trombone      $115*

Lacquer Bass Trombone      $90*

Silve Bass Trombone      $115*

*Prices are based on instruments in average condition.  Replacements of worn, missing, or damaged parts additional.  Extensive dent work or soldering are available for an additional fee.


Not ready to have your trombone restored to its original performance specifications?  However, you know something isn't right with your instrument.  Have our experienced technicians perform a full inspection.  They will replace necessary springs, felts, or corks while restoring proper alignment & movement of your slide and valves.  A final play test and clean-up will ensure playability of your isntrument.  

The charge will be based on the work and materials needed for your repair.